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Gum Turpentine Oil
Gum Turpentine Oil
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+ Color: white
+ Origin: Vietnam;
+ Packing: can (tinned), plastic bottle
+ Payment terms: L/C or T/T
Price: [please contact us for the best price]

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Turpentine is distillation from pine resin.

Properties and uses:

Turpentine is a kind of natural essential oil, amixture with various terpenoid and hydrocarbon.
Pinene is major component, with special chemical activity, widely used as materials in paint, synthetic camphor, terpineol, synthetic perfume, medicine production, synthetic resin, organic chemical indusry.

Acid  : 1.2 - 2.4 mg KOH/g
Alpha pinene : 42% min
Beta Pinene : 4% min
Packing : can (tinned), plastic bottle
    180kgs/ Plastic Drum/ 80 Plastic Drums/ Container 20FT


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