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Banana fiber
Banana fiber
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+ Color: Natural
+ Origin: Vietnam;
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Banana fiber is a kind of new natural fiber, it is extracted from bark and leaves of banana tree, it belongs to bast fiber. The appearance of banana fiber is similar with natural original bamboo fiber and ramie fiber, but fineness and spinnability of banana fiber is better than natural original bamboo fiber and ramie fiber. The chemical composition of banana fiber is mainly cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin.

There are characteristics with high strength, small elongation, good luster, light weight, strong moisture absorption, fast moisture absorption and release, easy degradation as well as environmental protection etc. Banana fiber can be made into garment, curtain, towel, bedsheet etc due to its characteristics with light, good luster and moisture absorption. Banana fiber average fineness is 2386Nm (4.1dtex).
Moisture: 10%
Impurity: 1%
Grade: 1st

Part: stem

Banana fiber is used in manufacturing industries of handicrafts, home decorative, door mats, table mats, pooja and meditation mats;  tissue paper, filter paper, paper bags, craft papers, greeting cards, wedding cards, carry bags, nursery pouches, art papers, decorative papers, tissue papers, bond papers, paper products like pen stands, table decorative, land shades etc., .

Paper made out of banana fiber is having very good export potential for 25 countries including European countries. 
Eco friendly, chemical free paper having longevity of 700 years can be made out of banana fiber. In some countries Banana fiber is being used for making of currency paper. Banana fiber is used in textile industry also. The saris and clothing material made out of banana fiber demarks for aristocracy in few countries. 
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