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Morinda officinalis How
Morinda officinalis How
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+ Origin: Vietnam;
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Description:  Perennial slender climbing shrub. Young shoots violet, hairy. Leaves opposite, oblong, hairy on both sides. Stipule tubular. Inflorescence in axillary panicle; flowers small, white. Fruit globose, scarlet when ripe, 2-seeded.

Flowering period:  May - June.

Distribution:  Indigenous to north Viet Nam, commonly found wild in hilly and mountainous regions.

Parts used:  Roots, collected all the year round, especially in autumn and winter. After the radicles have been stripped off, the roots are well washed and exposed to the sun for some days, then flattened and dried in the sun or in ovens.

Chemical composition:  The roots contain organic acids, sugars, resins, vitamin C, an essential oil, anthraglucosides and phytosterols.

Therapeutic uses:  The roots are reported to exert a tonic effect. They are useful in treating impotence, spermatorrhoea, delayed menstruation, hypertension and rheumatism. They are prescribed in the form of a decoction, liquid extract or elixir in doses ranging from 8 to 16g per day.