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Waste tires
Waste tires
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+ Origin: Vietnam;
+ Packing: as customer's require
+ Payment terms: L/C or T/T
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Production process: broken, scrub, desulfurization, open refined, refining, disinfection, filtering, drying, extrusion etc
Uses: automobile floor, car accessories, shoes, work low mat, office supplies mat, indoor decorative, etc.
Features: no taste, environmental protection, a proportion of small, fineness high, be enterprise to reduce costs.
It is made of used nitrile car seal, strip and  capsules, refined and without grains, applicable for manufacture of car seal strip, rubber shoe, epdm capsules, other rubber products that airtight nature , able to bear the high-temperature rubber products and so on.
The Chemical and Physical Property Index of nitril Reclaimed Rubber:
  Water content Ash content Extraction of acetone Density Stretch strength Elongation rate Menni
  % ≤ % ≤ % ≤ g/cm3 MPa ≥ % ≥ ML(100°C,1+4) ≤
Excellent 0.5 6 10 1.2 11 490 75
First grade 0.5 8 15 1.2 8 450 60
Second grade  0.5 10 16 1.2 7 400 55