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What are the criteria for evaluating clean incense?

( Update: 06/05/2020 )

 Anyone who wants to buy clean incense for home use. But how is incense clean? In this article, we will help you learn about the standards for evaluating clean incense . This information will be of great help to you. Let's learn with Hang Phat Candle !

Why do you need to know the standards for evaluating clean incense?

 For Vietnamese people, incense is important. It is present in every ritual, daily worship as well as on important occasions of the Vietnamese people. It can be said that incense is what helps people start and complete spiritual rituals and worship.

 According to folklore, incense helps to connect between the living and the deceased, ancestors, gods ... As a result, inform and convey the sincerity of the person performing the ritual to the worshiped gods and ancestors. . In addition, the fragrance also helps bring a sacred space.

Incense quality greatly affects the health of everyone

Incense quality greatly affects the health of everyone

 Every year, there are many holidays. Therefore, incense is used frequently. During Tet, incense is also used throughout the day. If the quality is not good, it can greatly affect the health of everyone. Therefore, people need to know how to clean incense to protect yourself and your family in the best way.

You can find out the relevant things in the interesting articles below:

Criteria for evaluating the most accurate clean incense

 Currently, there are many different types of incense. Most are advertised as clean, healthy incense. So how to assess the true quality of those products? The following criteria will help you a lot.

1. Incense must be made of clean materials

 Regardless of the product, the material used in production is a particularly important factor. It greatly affects the quality of the finished product as well as its use efficiency. And incense is not outside this rule. Normally, clean incense is made from natural herbal powder, safe for health. In particular, in the absolute product must not exist impurities, toxic substances that affect health.

Clean raw material is an important factor

Clean raw material is an important factor

2. Criteria for evaluating clean incense through the manufacturing process

 The manufacturing process is also a factor that needs to be closely monitored. In this process, it is necessary to ensure that the product is not mixed with impurities, not degraded by various effects. Otherwise, the original material will not be able to retain its characteristics. They will no longer be absolutely safe for the health of users anymore.

The manufacturing process should ensure standards

The manufacturing process should ensure standards

3. Assess the quality of incense by burning smoke when burning

 When burning, incense will spread to the surrounding environment. Therefore, smoke is also an important standard to evaluate the quality of incense and many people are interested. Clean incense is a product of burning that produces less smoke. Freckles also need to fall naturally, not freckled. If freckles are soaked in special chemicals to create adhesion.

Incense smoke is also an important indicator of quality

Incense smoke is also an important indicator of quality

 People should pay close attention to the freckles when burning to know whether the incense is clean or dirty. Choose what kind of incense burn to where it falls. In particular, this also helps the altar always in a state of cleanliness, most suitable for worship.

Where to go to buy clean incense?

 Obviously, the demand for clean incense on the market in recent years is increasing. Naturally, there are many different units that advertise their products as clean incense. However, not all products meet these standards.

Hang Phat Candle: A supplier of high quality clean incense

 If you are looking to buy clean incense, contact Hang Phat Candle right away. All our fragrances are made from high quality herbs and natural ingredients. Such as eucalyptus powder, frankincense wood powder, cinnamon powder or cardamom powder, cinnamon, star anise, ngau ...

 Especially, Hang Phat's products are tested and certified by the Department of Science and Technology of Ho Chi Minh City. Accordingly, the materials used and our incense are absolutely safe. People do not need to worry about health effects during use.

The most prominent incense sticks of Hang Phat

 Among the Hang Phat incense sticks, the following products are the most popular:

  • Eucalyptus Incense : Made from the composition of eucalyptus leaves.
  • Forest cinnamon incense : The main ingredient of this product is natural forest cinnamon powder.
  • Incense incense : The product is made from 30 different herbs. The most prominent are cloves, cinnamon, star anise, ngau, cardamom.
  • Bodhi Agarwood Incense : This type of incense is 100% natural. Among them, the highlight is sandalwood pulp.


Call us now if you still have any questions about the evaluation criteria for clean incense!

Call us now if you still have any questions about the evaluation criteria for clean incense!

 Above, we have come together to learn about the standards for evaluating clean incense. In case you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us for advice!