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( Update: 05/12/2018 )

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Does anybody know cinnamon is grown in forest land since when Yen Bai. But from 50-60 years of the last century there have been many Dao ethnic minority households, ethnic Tay throughout the Van Yen, Yen Tran, Van Chan had both cinnamon trees to hug.

Harvesting in Van Yen cinnamon
Cinnamon not only economic value, but also contribute to the protection of nature, ecology, soil, water retention in the steep hills, preserve and develop the diversity of plant genetic resources you native, while contributing to important ethnic minority households to reduce poverty and to make rich.

Van Yen (Yen Bai) is above 15,000 cinnamon. Here cinnamon bark yields about 70% of total production in the province. This is also the local area and the country's largest cinnamon. Van Yen (Yen Bai) is above 15,000 cinnamon. This is also the local area and the country's largest cinnamon. However, the economic value of cinnamon then low and cinnamon is a new movement is for self development, each chip is only about ten trees. Then listen to the Party and Uncle Ho, the people in many parts of the sedentarization, active in the production, mobilization of manpower as the rear of the Southern sisters. Uncle died, people throughout the country deeply mourned. Grateful to Uncle, Uncle remembered teaching, Dao, Tay grown in many parts of the general effort to Cinnamon Hill to commemorate the doctor, named "Uncle Ho Hill cinnamon." Cinnamon plantation land down as sharp, sharp people up so lush.
2 people have honored once to meet Uncle Ho, Uncle taught, Hoang Van An, Village 1, Dai Son Commune, Van Yen (Yen Bai) is a pioneer in memory of Uncle cinnamon. He recalls: On Uncle died, injured family doctor so I planted 10 trees to commemorate Uncle cinnamon. After the harvest sold nearly a hundred million, all that money I bought bonds for national construction. As social secretary I would like to plant a hill districts cinnamon "Forever grateful to Uncle Ho" to encourage people to participate cinnamon ". So the word" hill cinnamon Uncle Ho "with high economic efficiency Tay, Dao, Kinh settlers throughout the region received cinnamon soil. Area of cinnamon to have grown over the years, the lives of ethnic minorities and thus reduce poverty, suffer less than. Many hundreds income, billions of cinnamon, cinnamon trees become poverty reduction, cinnamon becomes large movement in almost all localities in the province.
Cinnamon trees become key
in economic development, hunger eradication and poverty alleviation in Van Yen
To Van Yen, which is considered to be the source of cinnamon these days, always delicious home the cinnamon, cinnamon filled the house, around the summer. Que exposed everywhere along the way, enough to buy cinnamon vehicles, from cars to trucks to hug 10-15 tons. Mr. Ha Duc Anh, Vice Chairman Van Yen district, said: "With an area of over 20,000, cinnamon tree is key in economic development, poverty reduction has contributed to raising the per capita income the district reached 16 million per year, of which family income cinnamon average of 90 million to 100 million ". cinnamon has changed the face of the countryside, building, buying motorcycles from the sale of cinnamon. As households Hoang Van Minh, Dai Son commune, Van Yen district planted 15ha, large trees and 15 years of age, each year 60 million collection of peeling trim, with traders paying past $ 2 billion, but he did not to sell. Or families Dang Van We have 10ha, well worth 1.5 billion last year for family cinnamon peeling trim collect 60 million, with revenues from the previous year families build decent homes , fully equipped shop. Whereas before cinnamon primarily to sell peeled, then this body to make the cinnamon, paper material, making toothpicks, laminated wood flooring sawn export, branches, tops, leaves be put into cooking cinnamon cinnamon oil to high value.
The word "hill cinnamon Uncle Ho" Thanks Uncle cinnamon movement has grown extensively in many areas from Van Yen, Yen Tran Van Chan. To date, the province has a large material areas with over 30,000 cinnamon. cinnamon trees become poverty eradication, enriched by thousands of people. not only that, the material associated with this, many production bases, processing cinnamon oil came out, contributing to job makes workers in many localities. Products cinnamon Van Yen Bai Yen- now known not only in the country but the trigger is exported to markets in Taiwan, Korea and many Western European countries brought large economic resources . cinnamon has become a spearhead economic sector in poverty alleviation, new rural construction in particular and Van Yen, Yen Bai province in general.