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Effects of lotus and lotus products

( Update: 03/01/2019 )

Common effects of lotus and lotus products include:

1. Stomach the stomach

One of the most common effects of lotus used in traditional Chinese medicine is to soothe the stomach. Soak lotus seeds in warm water for several hours and then add sugar to taste. However, people with diarrhea should not apply this method.


Lotus seeds

2. Reduce sleeplessness

Popular remedies for long-term drinking are lotus tea or lotus seed tea, which can help you sleep better and sleep better.


Lotus sen

3.Reduce blood sugar and cholesterol

The lotus contains both fiber and complex carbohydrates. These two components work together to control cholesterol and blood sugar levels, helping you maintain a slow and steady digestion process.

4. Reduce inflammation

Inflammation is usually accompanied by a feeling of heat. It is an uncomfortable side effect or a symptom of some diseases. The cause may be injury, chemical exposure or accident.

Recent studies have shown that lotus seeds (of both white and pink lotuses) can reduce inflammation. A 2013 study found that two polysaccharides in lotus seeds have a very large anti-inflammatory effect and promise to be the basis of future treatment.

5. The lotus is rich in Vitamin C, potassium

The lotus contains many minerals and nutrients, such as vitamin C, which are important for the body's daily functions. One of the minerals in the tuber is potassium - a substance that helps regulate blood pressure.

How to do: Root for 10 minutes and then eat directly to be able to absorb nutrients. The lotus root is also a popular ingredient in many Asian dishes and can be prepared in daily meals.

Sen sliced

6. Acne Treatment

If you have problems with acne, lotus can help you. Sebum is a wax-like substance that causes sebaceous glands to form and clog your pores. Adding lotus to green tea can reduce the amount of sebum produced, thus reducing acne.


7. Calm menstruation

Lotus leaves and lotus root extracts are used in traditional Chinese medicine to regulate menstrual cycles and stop excessive bleeding. There is not too much scientific evidence to support this, but some practitioners claim that drinking lotus root or lotus soup can prevent anemia after menstruation because it has the effect of hematopoietic replacement. for the lost blood.

8. Cough

Applying the traditional way has been proven by some of the following studies: mixing lotus seed powder with honey to soothe coughs.


9. Can lotus cure cancer?

A study conducted in 2014 showed that neferin, an organic compound contained in the seed of lotus seeds, can destroy and interfere with metastasis of cancer cells. This promises new treatments for cancer in the future.

Lotus is a beautiful symbol in life. The effect of the lotus is not new, but scientific evidence of the effect of lotus is still being studied to discover the great effects of this flower and find new ways to use.

Consider taking lotus components or taking lotus-based supplements to help prevent diseases. Make sure you consult with your doctor before using lotus or lotus products in your daily diet or prevention because it can interact with many drugs and cause some effects. unexpected.