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33 The effect of honey according to research of experts

( Update: 05/01/2019 )

I. The effect of honey on face skin

Effect of honey on facial skin

Effect of honey on facial skin

1. Is a natural antibacterial for the skin

The composition of honey contains very good oxidant for the skin. It can be applied to the skin as a natural sunscreen, protecting the skin from the effects of UV rays, anti-aging and black skin. In addition, beauty experts recommend the use of honey bees to treat acne.

 2. Moisturize and care for your skin

According to Kim Wallace, founder of, 'honey is pure, it has incredible effects on your skin thanks to its antibacterial and antioxidant properties. '. Therefore, it can be used as an indispensable lotion in daily life without causing side effects to your skin.

3. Helps scars, heals wounds

The honey bee extract contains an enzyme that produces hydrogen peroxide, a well-known disinfectant. A thin layer of it can be applied to the skin to disinfect and heal wounds on the skin and lips.

Or when you heat your mouth, applying honey to the wound will help ease the immediate and help heal wounds quickly.

You can drink this food daily for beautiful skin, apply to skin, or mix with other natural ingredients to create masks with a variety of uses.

II. Effect of honey with hair, nails

The effect of honey on the hair

The effect of honey on the hair

3. Hair loss treatment

The use of honey bees regularly as a supplement to help you restore and nourish the hair, reduce the condition of weak hair, fracture.

4. Treatment of dandruff and scalp disorders

Due to the antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties, honey has been used in the treatment of dandruff. Honey will remove dandruff on the scalp, providing moisture to the hair and scalp.

 5. Nail care

As a natural source of nutrients and moisture, honey helps maintain moisture, reduces nail fractures, stimulates nails growth and reduces stain.

III. The use of honey for pregnant women

The effect of honey with pregnant women

The effect of honey with pregnant women

6. Enhance the immunity of the fetus

Honey can help promote digestion, better absorption, increase appetite, help sleep and sleep better. It improves the body's resistance to aggressive growth in the womb.

Therefore, health experts advise pregnant women should drink a glass of warm water mixed with a little honey twice a day to supplement nutrition and increase the resistance to baby.

7. Honey is beneficial for fetal brain development

Honey contains many trace elements such as zinc, magnesium ... and vitamins, which help the baby develop brain, care and protection of hair, especially during the period of baby in the womb.

Honey works well for the fetus

8. Prevention of typical diseases in pregnancy

Many women often have anemia during pregnancy. In addition to supplementing with iron, you can use honey daily to remove the symptoms, while reducing the symptoms of constipation, dyspepsia in pregnancy.

9. Used to beautify the skin, reduce the skin and cracked skin during pregnancy

Pregnancy and hormonal changes make 90% of women have problems like skin pigmentation, stretch marks, ... no doctor prescribed for these symptoms. You can use honey applied to the skin to promote the regeneration of skin cells, making the skin more smooth without worrying about side effects will affect the fetus.

IV. Effect of honey on postpartum women

10. Effects after weight loss after delivery

By drinking warm water mixed with honey with a few drops of fresh lemon before meals to help reduce the cravings of cravings, quickly regain the shape as desired.

11. The effect of blood tonic, nutritional health for women after birth

The process of overcrowding, the woman spent quite a lot of energy. The use of honey combined with egg yolk to help women quickly recover, regain health.

In addition, postnatal women should be combined with honey powder, used three times a day to supplement blood, pink skin, smooth white.

V. Effects of honey on older people

Honey reduces bad cholestron, treat cardiovascular disease

Honey is good for the heart

12. Balance blood pressure

Scientists have shown that the nutrients contained in honey stimulate the blood circulation, helping to maintain a stable blood pressure. So eating one or two tablespoons of honey a day will help you control hypertension.

13. Increase red blood cells

The nutritional component of honey helps stimulate new cell production, increase the production of red blood cells in the blood, help the body to be purified and respiratory better.

Regulate blood sugar levels

British scientists have shown that honey is good for diabetics because it helps control blood sugar levels while also providing essential vitamins, antioxidants and minerals that are very beneficial to people. Diabetes.

The effect of honey helps stabilize blood sugar

Honey helps stabilize blood sugar

Reduce cholesterol, support treatment of cardiovascular disease

Honey promotes the production of good cholesterol in the body, reducing the bad cholesterol, help blood circulation. It helps prevent heart disease.

The combination of honey and cinnamon helps prevent heart attacks from happening suddenly. Therefore, use this mixture every morning to have a healthy heart.

16. Treatment of arthritis

To reduce joint pain, you can mix one teaspoon of honey with two tablespoons of warm water, one teaspoon of cinnamon and rub on the affected area, the pain will disappear within a few minutes. Also, drink a glass of warm water with two teaspoons of honey and one teaspoon of cinnamon - in the morning and evening to relieve arthritis pain.

VI. The effect of detox honey, strengthen the immune system

Honey is used to treat sinusitis

17. Treatment of rhinitis, sinusitis

The method is handed down using fresh garlic and soaked with honey. Then mix this into the nose three times a day to treat the disease.

Or can be mixed directly to treat rhinitis, sinusitis, flu. Especially good for children (over 1 year old) with rhinitis.

18. Improve your immune system

Pure honey contains about 5,000 enzymes and many vitamins, amino acids and minerals. It eliminates dead cells, harmful cells inside the body - anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and contains antioxidants that enhance the body's immunity.

19. Cold, flu

A teaspoon of honey with warm water and 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon powder three times a day will help prevent seasonal flu attacks and keep you feeling good and healthy.

VII. The effect of honey on stomach disease, digestive system

20. Honey has the effect of treating gastritis, colon

Honey combined with turmeric starch is effective for treating stomach pain effectively. Note that use about 30 'before meals.

21. Treatment of abdominal pain and indigestion

Honey is a suitable and effective alternative to reduce digestive problems. In addition, eating a spoon of cinnamon honey before eating will help you cure dyspepsia and flatulence.

22. Support the development of beneficial bacteria in the intestines


The effect of honey helps strengthen the digestive system, helps digestion

Honey works well with the digestive system

Honey combined with yogurt stimulates the growth and survival of bifidobacteria in the intestines, helping the digestive system work better, reducing constipation.

23. Improve liver function, fight bladder infection

The natural sugar content of fructose and glucose in honey supports effective detoxification of the liver and bladder. So do not forget to drink warm honey every day!

VIII. Other uses of honey

 24. Cancer prevention and support

The natural antioxidants found in honey can prevent the risk of some cancers such as colon, bladder, ...

25. Helps to relax, relieve stress, anxiety, have good sleep

A glass of warm water mixed with honey before going to bed reduces stress, tension and anxiety, help the nervous system to relax.

Drink honey to help sleep

Drink honey to help sleep

26. Reduce muscle fatigue

Nutritional menu of athletes can not lack honey. It is used after training or competition to recover muscle.

27. Treatment of physiological disorders, increase the ability to conceive

Do not worry if you are having erectile dysfunction or physiological disorders; Make use of honey - the ingredients available in your home to boost your hormonal output and increase your chances of getting pregnant.

28. A nutritional supplement that enhances memory

Honey is a great source of natural vitamins and minerals for the human body, helping to nourish the body and enhance memory. In particular, the mineral vitamin content in honey is always higher than honey.


29. Use as a sweetener instead of sugar

In the formulas of some dishes, honey is used to enhance the flavor of dishes such as baked goods, cakes, ...

30. Effects of treatment of some oral diseases

Honey is effective in treating some common diseases such as toothache, bad breath, cough or sore throat. Its antimicrobial properties help reduce coughing, sore throat and irritated toothache.

31. Used to treat burns, fungal infections and skin wounds

The antibacterial properties of honey are effective in helping to ward off harmful bacteria and germs. So if you have a burn or skin infection, you quickly put honey on the injured skin offline.

32. Improve your vision

Research shows that taking 2 tablespoons of honey with carrot juice per day helps improve vision. So do not forget to add this drink to keep your eyes light.

33. Anti oxidation, aging

Antioxidants of honey help remove dead stem cells, improve the body's immunity, anti-aging.

The above are all 33 effects of honey, one notice is that honey is always more effective than honey.