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What Does Coconut Eat? Great Benefits Of Coconut Eating

( Update: 16/01/2019 )

What effect does coconut eat? Do you eat coconut with fat? This must be everyone is worries about eating copra. Answer Viconut with questions!

Copra, also known as copra, coconut meat depends on the locality. Is the white intestine of coconut, located inside, where direct contact with coconut water.

Copra is not only a delicious part of coconut but also a source of nutritious ingredients.
Copra is used to squeeze coconut milk and squeeze out coconut oil. Or dried into copra meal to provide vegetable fat for humans. Today coconut rice creates many things like: coconut milk powder, desiccated coconut, frozen coconut rice, ... Or use juice from coconut rice as a fat for coconut candy, coconut jam, rice paper, dishes, ... The dishes are made from coconut rice such as: sticky rice, ice cream or tea ... very nutritious and delicious. Coconut rice is as much used as coconut water.

1. The Nutrition Composition of Coconut Palm - What Does Coconut Eat?

What effect does coconut eat? The valuable nutrients in copra are very good for health.
In young copra contains many nutrients, beneficial to human health, namely:

- Nutritional value for every 100 g:

Energy: 1,481 kJ (354 kcal). Protein: 3.3 g. Carbohydrate: 15.23 g. Street: 6.23 g. Food fiber: 9.0 g. Fat: 33.49 g. Saturated fat: 29.70 g. Monounsaturated fat: 1.43 g. Polyunsaturated fat: 0.37 g.

- Types of vitamins in copra:

Thiamine (B1): (6%) 0.066 mg. Riboflavin (B2): (2%) 0.02 mg. Niacin (B3): (4%) 0.54 mg. Pantothenic acid (B5) :( 6%) 0.300 mg. Vitamin B6: (4%) 0.054 mg. Folate (B9) :( 7%) 26 μg. Vitamin C: 3.3 mg (4%).

- Types of minerals in copra: Calcium: (1%) 14 mg. Iron: (19%) 2.43 mg. Magnesium: (9%) 32 mg. Phosphorus: (16%) 113 mg. Potassium: (8%) 356 mg. Zinc: (12%) 1.1 mg.

2. What Does Coconut Eat?
Beauty Effect Of Coconut Palm

Copra is an effective skin care ingredient.
- Copra helps skin care very well like coconut oil, but the remake is very simple. Just put copra pieces on your face and have smooth skin that desires. Remember to choose fresh pulp and wash your face after covering it up.

- Copra also helps to treat sunburn and dark skin very effectively. If you just go to the beach, your skin will be sunk because the copra will be a "savior" for that sunburned skin.

- Copra also helps to treat dandruff, bring cool hair smooth, clean and beautiful. Scrape off the small copra then grab the water and rub it all over the hair. Incubate overnight and rinse with shampoo, dandruff will be significantly reduced.

Health Effects of Coconut Palm

What effect does coconut eat? Copra is also considered to be very good for health.
- Supply fiber, good for cardiovascular: Coconut rice is rich in fiber, when eating coconut, fiber absorbed into the body helps eliminate bad cholesterol causing many heart diseases such as high blood pressure, arrhythmia heart, respiratory disorders, ...

- Enhance brain function: The nutrients in young copra help the brain to be cared for, reduce the risk of progression of Alzheimer is dementia, improve sanity, sedation, enhance concentration, conscious.

- Preventing infertility in men: Few people know that young copra can help prevent male infertility due to the abundance of minerals in its nutritional composition. Eating copra helps produce selenium for men.

- Good for digestive system: Eating young coconut pulp can help us prevent many digestive problems such as constipation, stomach ulcers, intestinal wall, intestinal pain caused by bacteria, ... Young coconut flesh eating well safe, rarely releasing side effects.

- Prevention of cancer: Many nutrients in young copra help the body fight cancer cells in the colon and prostate cancer in men. In addition, it also supplements iron, limiting anemia.

3. What Does Coconut Eat? Processing Young Coconut Tea Delicious From Coconut Palm
Young coconut tea is a simple and easy-to-make tea dish but the flavor is extremely special. Soft sweet coconut, cool crispy pineapple leaf jelly, flexible bald powder and greasy coconut milk, all blended together to make delicious tea, eating once and eating.

Raw materials for young coconut tea are extremely simple, easy to find, cheap.

- Young coconut flesh

- 5g jelly jelly

- 300g sugar

- 100g semolina

- 400ml coconut milk

- Pineapple leaves

The young coconut tea is easy to make but the taste is extremely special.

Step 1: Pineapple leaves are washed, chopped, put into blender with 100ml of small grinded water, remove residue to retain 100ml of pineapple juice.

Step 2: Mix 5g of jelly powder with 100g sugar.

Step 3: Wait for the boiling water to pour the mixture of sugar and vegetable powder.

Step 4: Pour 100ml of pineapple juice into the pot and stir well to turn off the heat. Pour the jelly into the mold and wait for the jelly to solidify.

Step 5: Young coconut pulp washed with filtered water, cut yarn.

Step 6: Put the semolina and water in the saucepan. When the pot of boiling flour, you turn down the heat until the semolina turns inside, no more white opaque.

Step 7: Pour off the semolina broth, add 300ml of water and 400ml of coconut milk to the stirring pot.

Step 8: When the pot of coconut milk powder boils, put the remaining 200g sugar and coconut fiber into the bowl, stir well. Heat for about 5 minutes then turn off the heat.

Step 9: While waiting for the tea to cool, you take out the jelly to cut the microfiber like young coconut.

Step 10: Wait for the tea pot to cool, pour the jelly into the fiber and stir it to finish!

4. Eat a lot of Coconuts Is Good?

However, we should not eat too much copra to ensure.
For normal people, only 1 - 2 times of copra should be tolerated each week. Each time is at most 1 tael. In the case of diabetic patients, women who are pregnant or breast-feeding, people who are easy to gain weight or become obese, have a history of obesity, people with dyslipidemia, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, people with asthenia, ... should minimize, or not eat young coconut flesh, because it will make the body worse.