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10 benefits from cinnamon and side effects to keep in mind when using

( Update: 25/02/2019 )

Cinnamon is one of the good ingredients known for its numerous health benefits.However, cinnamon should not be used arbitrarily because it can cause many side effects.

In Oriental medicine, cinnamon is considered one of the most precious herbs; Ginseng, cinnamon, filler. Cinnamon has  a spicy sweetness, hot properties, vascular acupressure that strengthens the heart, increases heat, cures epilepsy, coma, slow, small, weak (and cholera epidemic).

As for the modern medical research, cinnamon plants contain many beneficial ingredients for health so it has the effect of preventing and treating diseases. Cinnamon can stimulate brain activity as a tonic, which helps reduce nervous stress and memory impairment.

Here are 10 specific uses of cinnamon for health:

1. Reduce  cholesterol

Some recent studies have shown that taking just half a teaspoon of cinnamon in a daily diet can help reduce  cholesterol  in the body. Besides, cinnamon also helps reduce the amount of   bad cholesterol and  fatty  acids in the blood.

2. Ensure cardiovascular health

Cinnamon helps strengthen cardiovascular health, so eating cinnamon will help prevent cardiovascular problems. People with coronary artery disease and high blood pressure need only give a small amount of cinnamon when preparing food that will bring many health benefits.

3. Anti-cancer

Research conducted in the United States shows that cinnamon has the ability to control the proliferation of cancer cells. Additionally, fiber and  calcium  in cinnamon can help remove esoteric help prevent the negative impact to the intestinal cells, thereby reducing the risk of colon cancer.

4. Reducing blood sugar and treating  type  2 diabetes

Taking half a teaspoon of cinnamon a day also works well in improving insulin sensitivity   and regulating   blood glucose levels. Doctors say that when insulin levels   improve, weight and cardiovascular disease will also be controlled.

5. Prevent tooth decay and clean mouth

Cinnamon is one of the herbs that treat tooth decay and bad breath. Therefore, if you are having dental problems just chew a small piece of cinnamon or rinse your mouth with cinnamon water also helps clean your mouth and bring a fresh breath.

6. Reduce infectious diseases


Ingredients in cinnamon are resistant to infection of the body (Source: Internet)

Cinnamon has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti  -virus , parasitic properties and is also an antiseptic so it is often used as an anti-inflammatory drug both inside and outside.

The ingredients in cinnamon tree are also very effective against vaginal yeast and throat palate. prevent vaginal infections, throat infections, stomach ulcers and head lice. In addition, they work to relieve pain and inflammation caused by rheumatism.

7. Bổ no

Cinnamon stimulates brain activity as a tonic, thereby reducing nervous stress as well as memory impairment. The scent of cinnamon also helps increase awareness, improve memory efficiency, increase concentration and sensitivity.

8. Good for digestive system 

Using cinnamon in meals by adding cinnamon to the dish daily will help support the digestive system because it helps to reduce the amount of  gas  in the stomach. Cinnamon is very effective for indigestion, nausea, diarrhea, stomach disorders and flatulence.

9. Pleasant in the monthly period


For women in menstrual periods, eating a little cinnamon will help reduce cramps and other discomforts.

10. Pain relief from arthritis

Cinnamon contains many anti-inflammatory compounds, so it works to relieve pain and inflammation caused by rheumatism.

A study by the University of  Copenhagen  said, using half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder and 1 teaspoon of honey every morning will help relieve significant joint pain  ,  even painless walking after 1 month of use.

Side effects from cinnamon when used incorrectly

Cinnamon plants have a lot of good health benefits, especially used to flavor many foods. However, from the perspective of medicine, cinnamon trees also have unwanted side effects for human health if not used properly.


Improper use of cinnamon can cause many side effects (Source: Internet).

Specifically, the side effects that cinnamon can have on health are:

  • Causing toxin accumulation

Like many things, using cinnamon for a long time will create a certain amount of toxins in the body. According to the US Department of Health, only 6gr cinnamon should be used daily for 6 weeks or less, this is a safe level for the human body. Or you can use cinnamon for 5 days then stop using it for 2 days, then use it again.

  • Can thin the blood

Cinnamon causes blood thinning. Especially with Cassia cinnamon  . Blood thinning properties of cinnamon is  cassia  like an anticoagulant and special  know  with those who are suffering from heart disease.

  • Allergic

There is a minority of people who are allergic to cinnamon with symptoms of runny nose, tears, eye pain, shortness of breath (especially with cinnamon oil), abdominal pain, swelling of the face or hands,  anaphylactic shock  (heart rhythm , dizziness, lightheadedness, sudden drop in blood pressure) and nausea.

Cinnamon allergy does not affect your life, but you should also limit your use if you know you are allergic to cinnamon.

  • Reduce blood sugar levels

A major health problem  is  that using cinnamon with an excessive amount will cause blood sugar to drop significantly, causing fatigue, dizziness, fainting ...  The reason is that cinnamon can strengthen The effectiveness of these drugs makes blood sugar levels drop to too low levels.

In addition, the use of cinnamon with excessive amounts also causes respiratory problems, mouth ulcers, liver damage and increases the risk of cancer causing cancer.

Therefore, when using cinnamon you need to pay attention to the situation occurs in your body, if detected abnormalities, it needs to be treated to ensure safe for your health!