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The use of coconut trees in life

( Update: 14/03/2019 )

Coconut is a quite popular crop in our country, especially the beaches in the Southwest such as Ben Tre, Tra Vinh, etc. However, the use of coconut trees for their life is not necessarily for everyone. know.
Coco nucifera has a scientific name and is often grown and lived along the coast and tropical lands. For Vietnamese people, we refer to coconut trees, we always have a very familiar feeling and close by its effects on life. So what are the uses of coconut trees for life?

The uses of coconut trees in life

1. Coconut fiber, coconut shell

Coconut fiber is the outer shell of coconut, surrounded by coconut shells, coconut fiber is often used to make burning materials such as charcoal because it catches fire very well and burns for a long time. In addition, the smoke of coconut fiber is often used by people who go to the sea or go to the forest as a raw material to scare away and harmful pests are very safe and effective.
xo i want to love

Processing coconut fiber, coconut shell - Artwork
Not only that, coconut fiber is also a very good material to produce some household items such as ropes, brushes, carpets or intestinal pillows, cushions, ... this is a great use of coconut trees. Great in our lives.

2. Coconut shells

Like coconut fiber, coconut shells are also a very good burning material and are very popular because of their ability to burn and catch fire. Not only that, it is also the raw material used to produce coconut shell activated carbon very popular in the market because of great applications in life.
Gao dua
Dried coconut shells - Artwork

In addition, coconut shells are also used to make bowls, ladles or handicraft items that are very eye-catching and have high economic value. For music, coconut shells are the raw materials for producing a number of musical instruments such as drums, coconut shells, .. to create sounds like hooves.

3. Coconut rice

with her

Coconut rice - Artwork
Coconut rice (copra) is the white part inside the coconut shell, this nutritious coconut rice can be used to eat directly or to produce coconut milk (coconut milk) has a very fat taste and is good. In addition, copra is used as a raw material to produce coconut oil and jam in every Lunar New Year in Vietnam. This is also a use of coconut trees that we cannot fail to mention.

4. Coconut water

Coconut water is a popular beverage that is rich in nutrients. As a natural drink, it is considered a sterile drink and can be a solution for vein infusion.
nuoc two

Coconut water - Artwork
Coconut water contains many substances such as sugar, protein, antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients necessary for the body. Not only that, the potassium content in coconut water is also plentiful, so experts recommend that we should not drink too much coconut water for a day and limit drinking when labor is heavy, sweating a lot.

5. Coconut leaves

Coconut leaf is the raw material used to make some household items such as brooms, baskets, carpets, etc. In addition, coconut is also used a lot in layer of roof or used to cover especially the southwestern regions of our country.
the second

Hats made from coconut leaves - illustrations
The veins are highly stiff, so they are often used to make meat skewers in cooking. In addition, young shoots on the tops of coconut trees are also edible and are often used to make vegetables. However, the exploitation of these young shoots is easy to cause the tree to die so it is not recommended.

6. Coconut trunk

go dua

Coconut wood - illustration
The tall coconut palms are now very popular for making decorative furniture or even for residential use. Coconut wood is now considered a popular wood to replace rare and precious timber. 
In addition, the part of the coconut jar above the stem consists of the young buds that have not sprouted outside of the leaves and petioles, which are also very popular dishes.

7. Coconut tree roots

It is thought that the roots are discarded but not, the coconut roots are also a very useful material. It can be used as a dye by crushing the roots into pieces and then boiling to create color. 
In addition, coconut roots are also a raw material for producing dysentery and diarrhea.
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From the above information, we can see that the use of coconut trees is huge and useful in life. Therefore, promoting planting and protecting coconut trees is essential and highly recommended for our country.