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Living from coconuts

( Update: 19/03/2019 )

The processing and manufacturing of products from the coconut trees in Hoai Nhon has solved many jobs for rural workers with stable incomes.

According to Nguyen Chi Cong, Head of Economic Hoai Nhon district, the district has about 20 households, establishments, enterprises specializing in producing products made of coconut such as: Only coir, acne copra, feces microbiology, virgin coconut oil, coconut oil, handicrafts, coir carpet, coconut candy, broom plus coconut, coir net ..., solve more than 500 jobs for local workers.



To obtain materials for most of the products from the coconut, first job and also the hardest is snakehead coconut shell. Even so, this is the job for higher income should attract labor. This job usually starts from May to the end of the year, the time of harvest coconuts. Do Thi Thanh Tan, owner of purchasing coconut Thanh Truc, in block 1, the town of Tam Quan, said: Each year the facility purchased a few hundred thousand coconuts should have to hire someone to snakehead shell. Depending on the time of coconut more or less, each facility will employ from 3-10 workers and contract wages under product number ". Every day 2,000 coconut shell snakehead


Vo Van Thanh, 46, in the village of Tang Long 1, Tam Quan Nam, 13 years with vocational snakehead coconut shell, said: "On average, each day I snakehead 2,000 results, with days many shall be 2700 results, income from 200-300 thousand ". Mr. Thanh told, while novices unfamiliar to his tired limbs, two shoulder soreness, it takes a while to get used to the job. Through this work he has a steady income to raising two children and his wife is a university in Ho Chi Minh City.

Nguyen Van Thu, in block 2, the town of Tam Quan, up to 16 years in this profession, said: Previously, in Hoai Nhon people often use labels is to snake coconut shell, the productivity of labor is not high. After someone in Ben Tre coconut shell snakehead rent, see where they stood weeping coconut shell with labels should follow, increased productivity, less laborious than before.

In recent years, Asian markets suction coir goods, this trade only in Hoai Nhon also become quite lively, with 9 establishments, enterprises specializing in this profession. Raw materials for manufacturing coir is only dried coconut shells are purchased from dealers coconut. The work of the workers at the facility do is just banging coconut coir, fiber filter carrying dried and inserted into the machine to squeeze into just rolls, each roll weighs 100kg.

Phan Huy Tuong, all establishments producing coconut fiber in block 3, the town of Tam Quan, said: Only coir consumption is very strong, so base can not expand to a month only provide about 15 tonnes of the this goods for export to the Chinese market. Dried coconut shells and coconut powder remaining portion after making only been selling well also, with VND15,000 / bag (10-13 kg) for bonsai cultivation base. Workers produce coir income only from 1.8 to 2 million / month.

Huynh Thi Sam, in the town of Tam Quan, production workers only coir, commented: "With the characteristic of vocational idle but decent income should craft of making coconut fiber is attracting a lot of rural labor force participation Family. Every day, I work 8 hours should have time to take care of my family. "