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Visit Tam Quan to visit the coir weaving village

( Update: 01/04/2019 )

Binh Dinh has not only famous craft villages such as wine-making village, wood-turning village, forging village, brocade weaving village ... but there is also a unique village that is weaving coconut fiber carpet.


Tam Quan coir carpet weaving village

In the early years of the twentieth century, Tam Quan coir carpet weaving was born. Visit the coconut land of Tam Quan - Hoai Nhon - Binh Dinh, visitors have the opportunity to experience coconut fiber weaving village has become a brand.

Tam Quan coir carpet weaving

The famous Tam Quan coconut coir weaving village is everywhere

The reason why this land is favored by nature, bestowed the charming country scenery, fresh and cool air and specialties of gardening, including the land of vast green coconut forests, bowls immense and immense.

Tam Quan coir carpet weaving

Tam Quan is famous for its tall green coconut palms

Therefore, Tam Quan coconut tree went into the folk song through generations, since the birth of the cry, was heard the mother's lullaby:

"The merits of public merit

Where do you carry Tam Quan water to coconut?

The public is not fair

Where is the burden of watering coconut Tam Quan "

Because of this, the people here make use of products made from coconut as a basket of coconuts, handicraft products from coconut and indispensable coconut fiber become a real product. Unique products travel around the world.

Coconut fiber is the part of coconut peel that is torn. In the early days, when the machines were not available, the people here had to do all the steps manually. People use a pestle or hammer to beat until the thread has been removed and the smoothness is stopped. The sound of coconut shell beating clinking, where to go in the corners of the corner also echoed that sound. Dry coconut shell after beating, water is soaked one day a night. This soaking is effective for separating fibers for ease. Then, from the coir fibers, the villagers cleverly braided them into anchor strings for the boats to go to sea, into the strings for the dandruff, or weave the eye-catching coir mats.

Tam Quan coir carpet weaving

The image of the coir woman becomes a beautiful memory of Tam Quan land

However, nowadays, machines are more and more modern, the beating process of coconut shell becomes easy and convenient. But the production of coconut fiber carpets requires meticulous care. Coconut fiber carpet is not harmful to users, produced from natural fiber materials, environmentally friendly, high elasticity, easy to reproduce.

Tam Quan coir carpet weaving

The technology of developing machines, making weaving coir mats easier

Development direction of Tam Quan coconut coir carpentry village

The work of weaving coconut carpets does not bring a very high income but resolving jobs for women at the time of farming. The products of Tam Quan coconut spread to foreign markets such as Spain, Italy, Poland ... creating job opportunities for people. Currently, there are many beautiful, sharp, elaborate and durable models aimed at consumer consumption, meeting the needs of fastidious customers. In addition, high-class hotels also come to Tam Quan to place coir mats for flooring.

Tam Quan coir carpet weaving

The products made from coconut fiber are popular

Having had the opportunity to travel to the land of Binh Dinh province, you should visit Tam Quan to experience coconut fiber weaving village which seems to have become a brand here. The coir carpet weaving job seems to have helped the people here here have a better life. At the same time, taking this tour, you should also stop to visit beautiful Quy Nhon .