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Ceramics, furniture, handicrafts

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Binh Dinh: Sedimentation of weaving coir mats

( Update: 03/04/2019 )


Not only famous for the specialties associated with coconut, Tam Quan Town, Hoai Nhon District is also known to the traditional villages weaving coconut fiber mats. The carpets have beautiful designs, rich, durable, environmentally friendly, has been favored by many domestic and foreign consumers.

Born from the 30s of the twentieth century, the weaving of coir mats is the main source of income for the people here. Mr. Huynh Minh Tinh (SN 1987) - The owner of the production facility Ngoc Chung, the biggest producer of coir carpets here, said: “In the past, people here lived on this job, each house had little the most 2 frames to weave, from old to young, everyone does it, and it is very happy. Finished carpets are spread expansively, exposing the yard to the beach ”.

In the past, when there were no machines, to make the most wonderful coir mats, the stages were made by hand. Production materials are dried coconut shells, after beating, water is soaked one day a night for the resin to be exhausted and water-filled coconut fiber is picked out and rinsed off the bran grains, the remaining small, standard coconut fiber fibers being fed with the yarn feeding step. The yarnmakers must have skillful hands and soft movements. The yarn is finished and then rolled into a shaft and transferred to the carpet weaving step. This is the most difficult period that requires meticulousness and high caution. Workers must be experienced and skilled if not very easy to break the coconut fibers. After weaving finished products, coir carpets are sewn in both ends, cleaned, printed and finally packaged. Thanks to the technology development, the factories are invested more advanced machines,

Tam Quan Nam coconut fiber carpet is consumed quite strongly in the domestic market such as: Nha Trang, Vung Tau, Binh Thuan ... Not only that, this item is also exported to foreign countries. The strongest consumer market is Poland and Turkey. Turkey, South Korea and Eastern European countries. It was the heyday of this village. In recent years, the weaving of coir carpets in Tam Quan Nam commune has become difficult because of limited capital as well as no output. For a long time, they could not find ways to overcome them. Graduates gradually fell, most of them moved to other industries with higher incomes. 

Currently, in Tam Quan Nam area, there are only a few production facilities, the number of workers is only a few dozen people. No more images of people spinning together pulling each strand in the voice of laughing, or carpets that are fully exposed to the road. Not only the lack of capital but also the consumption market is the reason to curb the development of this village. 

Mr. Huynh Minh Tinh shared: Despite many difficulties, he still persevered in the hope of preserving his father's trade village and creating more jobs for the people. 

"A small swallowing wing does not make spring." Hopefully, in the coming time, the authorities of Binh Dinh province will have timely support so that Mr. Tinh and the people here can preserve and develop this traditional craft village.