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Dried Wild Banana seeds
Dried Wild Banana seeds
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Wild Banana – Musa Balbisiana fruit is considered edible though contains many seeds.

Banana seeds are used for treatment, black skin and white powder inside the kernel. The way to get banana seeds are also not easy, they're taken out and dried when bananas are already ripe. Dried banana seeds can be mashed in wine or sliced into pieces for daily drink .

Analgesic consumption swelling, back pain, limb aches, rheumatism: 200g smashed liquor soaked with 40 degrees (1.000ml) within 10 days for as long as possible. Taking 15ml twice a day before meals bedtime, can add sugar to make it taste.
Treatment of kidney stones, bladder stones: use roasted nuts crunchy banana, pound, sift flour. Every day for 2 tablespoons flour into a tea kettle of boiling water to drink processing.
During pills that are muddy sediment on the bottom of the urine container overnight. Drink continuously for 30 days, all the stones will turn into small balls. The results are very good.