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Coconut broom village "race" before Tet

( Update: 16/09/2019 )

Around August, September (lunar calendar) lasts until Tet, coconut palm broom village (Vinh Chanh and Thoai Son communes) is fun and bustling. Many places order, so every house will light the yard until 2-3am. The sound of the rustling from the stem, the sound of the bamboo sticking into the handle of the broom, the reputation of (biting) the broom for beauty ... how many sounds keep mixing, making a difference for the coconut broom village.

From the People's Committee of Vinh Chanh Commune, a few more kilometers to the coconut broom broom. If you do visit, don't be in a hurry when people just take care of making brooms. No, they are not happy when a visitor comes to their broom village. Just because the work is unfinished, they continue to talk us a little slowly!

The day we came, too, we were just in the mood to learn about the broom village, everyone was warmly welcomed. But wait for you guys to complete some stage of the broom. There are people busy to deliver brooms to people in the town of Nui Sap not back on time.

That is why we have a better look at the broom village. Almost in front of every yard there is a broom, dried, piled up, piled up, house after house just looking and guessing the "bustle" of this place.

According to everyone, the finished broom will not stagnate because every day there are customers to take home. Many people also personally deliver to customers for more profit.



“Currently, the broom village is already in the New Year season! Customers ordered more than usual so we have to take advantage of this to timely delivery to them. If the season is off, one day we only sell 20-30 brooms, but in the New Year season, my family sells about 40-50 brooms a day. This broom making business feels so extreme, whoever has the patience and meticulousness can do it.

I was handed down the job by my mother and followed the career up to now. Although it is hard, but with little hardship, there is still a stable life. My two daughters do not have a stable job, now follow me to make brooms, every day they earn 100,000 - 150,000 VND but not much "- Ms. Tran Thi Thien (born in 1967, living in Tay Binh A hamlet, Vinh commune Chanh) share.

Through research, we learned that broom making is not as simple as many people think. To have on hand complete and durable broom, the worker must go through about 4-5 stages. Many workers do not have to hire additional workers.

First is making the roof of the broom - the process that takes the most time and the most extreme. After shaping the roof of the broom, the worker takes turns to (attach) the coconut stem, each time the worker joins the gloves with a tight tie so that the broom does not fall easily, falls when sweeping.

This is followed by the process of making the broom, closing the bamboo into the broom's fault (increasing the durability), and finally the brush roll. In this stage, the worker cut the broom well with a knife. All are made by hand so the worker took a lot of effort to complete a durable, beautiful broom to the user.

Skilled workers also take an hour to complete 1 product. And those who are new to the job, the longer the time. Although difficult, this job is easy to learn. According to Thien, anyone who doesn't know anything just need to study hard for a few days to do it right away.

Accordingly, each broom needs from 400 to 600gr coconut stalks to produce (depending on the size). The reason the worker knows the weight of each broomstick is that before they start work, they all carry the coconut on the scale.

"Coconut we have to buy elsewhere, sometimes bought outside the province cheating, but the price is not cheap. If you do it without being sure people won't have any words at all. This job is mainly to take the profit!

A broom type 1 is priced from 25,000 VND, a type 2 is 20,000 VND / tree, the smallest (used to sweep the kitchen) costs only 7,000 VND / tree. This village thanks to the job of making brooms, life is much more stable than before. Some people even raise their children to learn and become talented, ”said Ms. Nguyen Thi Le Thuy (Tay Binh A Hamlet, Vinh Chanh Commune).

As the representative of Vinh Chanh coconut bunch, she really confided, seeing that any idle woman, precarious work, Ms. Thuy all mobilized her handicraft village. As a result, their lives improved day by day. Many people say that just not brushing the broom for 1 day is very uncomfortable, very annoying.

“We never hide our trade or sell our business. Because, just have a broom to get people, sometimes there are not enough goods to supply. For us, the friendship of the new village is more important than losing to each other like that for nothing. It is important to make the local village more and more developed and mentioned by many people ”- Ms. Thien said.