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What diseases and who should not use it?

( Update: 09/10/2020 )

Suong is a very popular dish in the South. When I was a child, business in the countryside mainly took place in the rivers. So on hot noon days, sitting on the house drying the rice and listening to listen to see whether the skeletal boat has passed!
Back then, the fog was neither sold nor bought, but only for exchange: a case of mist in exchange for a can of rice. So, every time I was raking rice, I heard the sound of saying "Goodbye to rice cakes", I threw the raking table, ran into the house to get a can of cow's milk and scooped out the rice in the yard and traded it. That memory is really sweet and not easy to forget!
Some features of fog
Along with ginseng dew, flute dew is a popular cooling drink in the South. Back to the Hau Giang region, you can buy young starlings to grow and cook for yourself the delicious dewdrops.
It is known that the dewclap tree has the scientific name Platostoma palustre and is also known as the black jelly tree. That is because when we take the plants and leaves to dry them, cut them into small pieces and cook them (with more tapioca flour or rice flour), a black water will be produced, which is cooled down to form jelly.
Currently, in shops and supermarkets, there are cheap packages of flute powder, we just need to buy and cook it into jelly right away (almost like how to cook jelly) (1).
Cây sương sáo
The taste of dew
Talking about the dew, this is a very good refreshing dish, especially in the hot season. But the smell of the mist is also strange: medicinal scent is not medicinal, vegetable fragrance is not vegetable flavor. Just bold, deep and fragrant. Furthermore, it was bitter but it was not the bitterness that made it difficult to eat. On the contrary, the more you eat the dew, the more you eat, the cool and attractive!
Not only is a dish to play, but it also has the effect of treating illness (obviously - the first effect of the mist is still eating to relieve the sad afternoon).
Sương sáo, thức uống giải nhiệt mùa hè
What is the effect of starches?
According to the project The medicinal plants and herbs of Vietnam (Prof. Do Tat Loi), fronds and leaves can be used to treat conditions such as:
Body cold.
Acute nephritis.
Acute arthritis.
High Blood Pressure.
How to use the dewy tree: sharp to drink water every day from 15-20 g (2).
In China, mist is also known for its uses such as relieving heatstroke, cooling, quenching thirst, treating jaundice, dysentery, urinary tract disease and diuretic (3).
Note when using: People with infectious diseases, skin diseases, people with damaged gas, yang damage, yin damage ... are not allowed to use (3).
Choice of use
Many people prefer to buy dry fluff to cook for themselves because it tastes better than the packaged powder. However, some people cook it into jelly and some cook it is not thick. Therefore, if you do not have experience in cooking mist, it is best to buy flute powder for easier cooking (or buy pre-cooked ones into circles, squares ... sold in markets). Please!
In combination: Dew can be used in combination with other beverages such as pomegranate dew, pancakes, milk tea, fruit bowl