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11 wonderful uses of seaweed

( Update: 09/10/2020 )

Seaweed is an outstanding product of the region and has high nutritional value. However, many people are not yet aware of the amazing benefits of cartilage for health. This article will help you get a more accurate and complete understanding of this nutritious food.
1. Lower blood pressure for people with high blood pressure
Seaweed is a marine plant that absorbs many minerals with more than 90 types and low salt content with high calcium is good for people with high blood pressure. So seaweed is considered an indispensable nutritious food for people with high blood pressure.
2. Helps improve heart health
Today, people have proven the benefits of seaweed is very good for the heart as a natural product that helps reduce blood pressure and reduce the risk of stroke for people with cardiovascular diseases.
The evidence is a 25-year study focusing on the elderly in Okinawa showed that people here have stable blood pressure low cholesterol levels even in old age. Scientists have found that seaweed accounts for 50% of the vegetables and fruits that the people here use every day.
3. Discharge, reduce cholesterol in blood, prevent and treat acne
In seaweed, there is an important substance Fertile-clement that works to circulate blood, detoxify the heart, kidneys, the excretory system ... to help the body excrete toxins that accumulate in the body to help fight aging. and skin rejuvenation. So using seaweed regularly helps to beautify the skin and prevent acne.
4. Prevent cancer of digestive tract diseases
In seaweed there is also a substance called Alginate which is good for the digestive system to help strengthen mucus protecting the intestinal wall. Seaweed is high in fiber and Alginate also helps to slow down the digestive process to help the body feel full for a longer time and increase beneficial bacteria for the digestive system.
In addition, seaweed also contains Alga Alkane Mannitol, a sugar with a low calorie content, creating a favorable environment for the growth of beneficial bacteria.
Help support digestion of food and clean the intestinal tract to excrete waste. Therefore, it will help the digestive system absorb nutrients better, prevent constipation and reduce intestinal diseases.
In seaweed also has Lignans a substance that can inhibit the formation and development of tumors, limit the spread of cancer cells in the body.
5. Helps reduce stress during menopause
Seaweed contains magnesium also helps women in menopause have better sleep, the lignans in seaweed weaken estrogen (the amount of estrogen hormone increases rapidly during menopause of women). Seaweed relieves discomfort for women who experience sudden heat symptoms.
6. Strengthen thyroid function
In seaweed, especially seaweed, which contains a high content of iodine, which is essential for the body to help reduce goiter diseases.
7. Fight against nuclear radiation
Research at McGill University in Canada in the 1960s and 1970s showed that seaweed contains substances that help eliminate radioactive strontium from the body. Therefore, to protect the health of you and your family, you should add seaweed to the menu every day.
8. Prevent birth defects
In seaweed studies, scientists have shown that in seaweed there is a content of folic acid that is essential for the body to absorb nutrients and prevent birth defects in children.
Seaweed contains a lot of Folic Acid so supplementing seaweed in daily meals is essential to promote health and prevent congenital disease.
9. Anti-inflammatory
Some types of seaweed have carbohydrates that have anti-inflammatory effects for the body, in addition seaweed also has a high magnesium content to help relieve headaches and asthma.
10. Remove wrinkles
In addition, seaweed also has an effect that women love is reducing wrinkles because seaweed has alkaline properties, helps the body regulate the amount of alkaline in the blood to prevent the secretion of sebum. acne treatment and wrinkle reduction.
11. Beauty benefits of seaweed
Acne treatment
Seaweed has a moderate salt content that helps antiseptic, antibiotic can reduce swelling in the same skin acne.
In seaweed contains many minerals that help detoxify and enhance blood circulation combined with essential oils that will help the body relax toxins and beautify the skin.
Hair beauty
Seaweed contains many vitamins and minerals, so it is very suitable for adding this nutrient to your hair, it will make your hair softer, smoother.