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Honey can replace antibiotics!

( Update: 15/03/2021 )

Dutch scientists have found a new component of honey previously unknown to be able to kill bacteria very efficiently.
According to the Russian news agency Rosbalt, experts Microbiology Faculty of Medicine Research Center Amsterdam have discovered the immune system of bees produce a substance called protid defensin-1, in the composition of bile .
They had to separate the substances, identified by its chemical formula and test therapeutic effects. According to them, the quality of this protid can be used to treat burns and skin infections and wounds.
But not only that. Substance they found capable against some pathogenic bacteria have "greasy" with antibiotics, so in some cases it can replace existing antibiotics.
"It has long been known honey has antibacterial effects, but completely unknown secret killing the bacteria like. For the first time in history, we have found these factors contribute antibacterial activity of this natural product. One of those factors is defensine-1, anti-microbial substance that never comes to medicine, "said Dr. Paul Kwakman, the Center for Medical Research said.
He said, he said he and his colleagues discovered this substance kills bacteria were "greasy" with the disease-causing antibiotics. Namely Staphylococcus aureus (cause boils and abscess of internal) were greasy with methicillin, Enterococcus faecium (cause colitis, small intestine) adapted with vancomycin, Ppseudomonas aeruginosa (urinary tract infection) were greasy with ciprofloxacin ...