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Water hyacinth carpet - decoration trend in your home

( Update: 18/11/2021 )

Water hyacinth carpet is a type of carpet used a lot in interior decoration, thanks to its rustic, delicate, close to nature.


What is hyacinth carpet?

Water hyacinth carpet is a type of carpet that is hand-woven from dried water hyacinth fiber. Water hyacinth plants cut off leaves and dried to form hyacinth fibers, which are the main materials for knitting and weaving this hyacinth mat. 

After the carpet is formed, it has a simple shape, 100% natural materials, no chemical substances are used to treat and preserve. So the carpet has a pleasant fragrance with bold simplicity and rusticity.

Water hyacinth carpet - virtual living product of online stores

Water hyacinth mat has a simple, classic and delicate texture. So the carpet is used by many clothing and shoe shops as a background, embellishment, and highlight for their main products. With the appearance of water hyacinth plate, vintage photos, the products become more attractive. Helps increase interaction and online sales.


Water hyacinth carpet, interior decoration trend in the house.

The traditional handicraft industries are being paid attention by the State, and invested in development. Leading to the formation of many movements to emulate handicraft products, including knitting water hyacinth carpets.

Carpets are shaped with basic shapes such as circles and rectangles, which are easy to combine with any space in your home.

Water hyacinth carpet is close to nature, bright colors, so it is widely used in home decoration such as floor mats, sofa rugs, wall rugs. Make the house become luxurious, sophisticated and fancy.

Today, with many creative ideas, carpets have put on new textures and unique designs.

The production process of the hyacinth mat

Water hyacinth fibers are cheap, so carpets made from water hyacinth are also relatively affordable in the market. But to create a complete carpet is not an easy task. Let's take a look at the process of creating a carpet:

Each hyacinth knitting village will have different ways and secrets of weaving carpets. But in general, to produce a carpet of water hyacinth includes the following steps:

  • Prepare materials.
  • Raw material handling.
  • Create a frame, and knit the product.
  • Dye.
  • Drying and drying products
  • Product inspection and handling
  • packing and preserving
  • product consumption and distribution.

To get quality carpets, it requires artisans with high skills and ingenuity and meticulousness when knitting.

What is better than other carpets?

  • Water hyacinth carpet has colors from nature, has a pleasant fragrance available, not through creating odors from chemicals. Make the user feel comfortable.
  • Water hyacinth sizes are diverse, large and small, and can be designed on request.
  • Low cost compared to other carpets.
  • Water hyacinth mat is 100% natural material, no chemicals are used to handle it, so it is absolutely safe for users.
  • Contributing to environmental protection.
  • Bring comfort to your feet, when moving on the floor.

A few notes when using water hyacinth carpet.

In order for the carpet to always have a long life and always be fresh, you should pay attention to the following issues:

– The carpet is made from dried water hyacinth, so it is easy to collect dust, so regularly clean the carpet with a vacuum cleaner.

– If the carpet is dirty, use a soft-bristled toothbrush with a little water, gently rub the dirty area, then use a hair dryer, dry the part, or let it dry in the sun.

– Absolutely do not let the carpet absorb water, if it gets wet, let the carpet dry in the light of the sun.

– When the hyacinth mat is moldy, use a soft cloth soaked in water, wipe the moldy place, and dry it in the sun. Avoid exposure to strong sunlight, which can cause brittle and broken water hyacinth fibers.