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Coffee Joy: Elevate Your Pup's Playtime with Eco-Friendly Wooden Dog Toys"

( Update: 10/01/2024 )

You always want to bring the best joy and comfort to your beloved dog. And now there's a unique way to combine passion with dog care - with Coffee Wooden Toys.

"Coffee Wood Chew for Dogs: This wooden chew is a healthy, safe, and satisfying treat that any dog will love! Coffeewood chews are crafted from branches of the coffee tree. They are harvested annually from sustainably managed sources on coffee plantations, ensuring 100% sustainability. Coffeewood is a type of wood with a close grain, harder than most native woods, and it doesn't splinter, making it an excellent choice for your furry friend."

This product not only helps relieve your dog's natural need to chew, but also provides the subtil taste of coffee.

Besides, with each toy, you are promoting sustainability and helping maintain a healthy living environment for everyone. 

Coffee tree wood's unique ability to support your dog's stomach and digestive health is an important part of the design of "Coffee Joy."

Stimulates Digestion: Coffee tree wood, with its close and natural grain structure, can create a type of pseudo-stimulation to your dog's digestive system when he chews. Chewing helps stimulate the production of digestive enzymes in saliva, making food digestion more efficient.

Natural Laxative: Toys made from coffee tree wood can create a "cognitive toy" for the digestive system. When your dog chews, the toy can stimulate muscle contractions inside the intestines, helping to increase laxation and support the process of moving food through the intestines.

Reduces Risk of Vomiting: The toys do not contain ingredients that can irritate the stomach, helping to reduce the risk of your dog vomiting. The naturalness of coffee tree wood can make it a gentler and easier-to-digest choice than some other materials.

Contains No Toxic Chemicals: Another important point is that the coffee tree wood used in "Joy of Coffee" does not contain toxic chemicals. This ensures that your dog is not exposed to additives that could irritate his stomach or harm his health."With "The Joy of Making Coffee," we not only bring a toy to your dog, but also create a story of irresponsible acceptance and passion for the environment. Every product is the result of a solid supply chain, starting with carefully selected coffee branches. Many different sizes to suit each of your dogs. Choose the right size for your dog

Chewing sticks are made from coffee tree wood. They do not contain any traces of animal or artificial ingredients, calories, caffeine or sugar. They are also suitable for dogs with allergies or who are overweight. 

The toy manufacturing process not only attracts high standards of safety but also places special importance on optimizing fun and durability. Coffee tree wood, with its close-grained properties and outstanding hardness, not only satisfies dogs' natural powder needs but also takes care of their teeth and cavities.

We understand that not only the medical dog's happiness is important, but also the well-being and satisfaction of you, the owner. Therefore, each "Coffee Joy" is not just a product but a symbol of the connection between humans and nature, between the joy of pets and the safety of the environment.

When you choose "Coffee Joy" for your dog, you are not only investing in their health and happiness, but also demonstrating your acceptance of social responsibility and the importance of environmental protection. Let "Coffee Joy" become a part of you and your dog's daily life, bringing constant joy and supporting a greener future. Every chew is a small step, but together we can make a big difference for our planet.

We will summarize the benefits here and those are also the reasons you should choose us :

Sustainability: Supports sustainable wood sourcing and environmental stewardship.

Safe: Does not contain toxic substances, safe for your dog's health.

Fun: Natural coffee flavor will make playtime fun and unforgettable.

Dental Care: Helps maintain the health of your dog's teeth and gums.

Environmental Partner: Contribute to efforts to protect the environment and reduce waste.

Join us in creating a community full of joy, health and respect for the environment. "Joy of Making Coffee" is not just a product but a feeling about a sustainable and harmonious life that we at Hang Xanh Company Limited are dedicated to creating. "We, Hang Xanh Limited Liability Company, embrace an unwavering passion and commitment to the environment, coupled with a deep love for pets, much like yourself. “Coffee joy” is a product that stems from the heart of our dedicated producers. With recognition, high praise, and the trust of long-term partnerships from international friends, we aspire to accompany your beloved canine companions. 

Our commitment to sustainability and our dedication to crafting the finest pet products echo in every aspect of “Coffee joy”. Recognizing the international acclaim and trust bestowed upon us, we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to embark on this enduring journey alongside your cherished furry friends.

At Hang Xanh, our mission goes beyond creating pet toys; it revolves around building a brand that exemplifies innovation, quality, and environmental responsibility. With “Coffee joy”, we invite you to experience the perfect fusion of passion, creativity, and environmental consciousness. We're not just a pet toy brand; we're your partner in creating positive change for our planet.

Your support is not just a purchase; it's a vote for sustainability and responsible choices. Join us in making “Coffee joy” from Hang Xanh a part of your pet's joyful journey and contribute to a greener, more sustainable world. Let's walk this path together, where the happiness of your pets harmoniously blends with the tranquility of our environment. At Hang Xanh, we understand the importance of quality and cost efficiency in your operations. By choosing us as your supplier, you are partnering with a company dedicated to meeting your needs with integrity and excellence.
Please contact us immediately. We look forward to the opportunity to serve your veterinary practice with the best products at the best prices."

Thank you for choosing “Coffee joy” – a product that comes straight from our hearts to yours."