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Ceramics, furniture, handicrafts

Ceramics, furniture, handicrafts

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Ceramics, furniture, handicrafts

( Update: 17/07/2015 )

Craft crafts Vietnam precious tradition which has long since died. That tradition associated with the name of the village, vocational city and is represented by the traditional craft products, with unique features, sophisticated, flawless.

handicraft products of Vietnam and unique distinctions, the name of the product is always accompanied by the name of the village made it; famous products as well as for the village to create products that stand tieng.thong have emerged in the history of Vietnam. There is not only focusing one or more craft, become a production center large or fairly large, but also a venue for artisans and skilled craftsmen create products with its own identity, where another hard surface imitate.

The handicraft products are not the only items daily normal activities, but some still are symbolic artwork of social culture, level of economic development, educational level and characteristics of the nation humanities.

The village is a cultural environment - economic - technological society and tradition. It reserves the quintessential art and techniques handed down from generation to generation, generally cast in the generation talented artisans, with the products with their own identity, but unique and typical of both Ethnic Vietnam. Cultural environment are villages village scene, with water wharves, temples, shrines ..., the festival activities and operations guilds, customs, folk life and bold contains a profound humanity. Traditional villages has long been enriching the cultural traditions of Vietnam.