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Areca nuts and unexpected uses

( Update: 20/06/2019 )

Characteristics of areca seeds

The areca trunk is 10-15m high, the leaves are clustered at the top. Big leaves cut the feathers of the birds, and they hugged the trees. Large inflorescences branch, male flowers are fragrant, above, female flowers below. Egg-shaped areca fruits when young are green, old and ivory, containing round seeds. Betel nuts are used to eat betel nuts and used as medicine.

In areca nuts with 10-15% fatty oil, protid 5-10%, 50-60% glucide, 15% tannin, alcaloid in the form combined with tannin 0.3-0.5%. The main alkaloids are arecolin, arecaidin (arecain) guvacolin, guvacin and isoguvacin, arecolidin. Pods also contain alcohols such as arecolin, guvacolin, guvacin ... but with very low content.

Characteristics and effects: Cau seed has a spicy taste, bitter, acrid, warm, has the effect of dissipating, disinfecting and killing water. Cau pods have a sweet, slightly flavored taste, warmth, have a ventilation effect, water movement, and a high school.

It is known that arecolin, the main active ingredient in Cau seeds, is a sympathetic enhancer, such as muscarin. It increases the secretion and contraction of the pupil. With low doses, it stimulates nerves; with high doses, it causes nerve paralysis. It increases intestinal motility, numbs the flukes like nicotine, which means inhibiting neurons and neuromuscular joints, causing flukes not to attach to the intestinal wall.

10 effects of areca seeds

Anti-stroke: Research shows that areca nuts work to restore stroke, control the state of the optic and improve muscle health effectively.

Bactericidal for oral cavity, prevent tooth decay: Areca seed extract is effective against special strains of bacteria in the mouth. Because it can protect teeth from tooth decay, prevent dental plaque.

Improving schizophrenia: Preliminary research shows that areca fruit is very good for schizophrenic patients, however, attention should be paid to side effects.


Dry mouth treatment: When chewing areca nuts, it will create a significant amount of saliva, which helps patients with dry mouth improve very well and reduce diabetes

Preventing anemia: Areca nuts help prevent severe iron deficiency and low blood glucose levels. Regular use of betel nut can help fight iron deficiency

Beneficial for the brain: Areca nuts help improve nerves and control muscles for brain patients. However, there may be unwanted effects when used with other drugs.

Good for the stomach: Areca nuts support in treating gastric worms such as tapeworms and roundworms, helping to avoid problems related to gastric worms.


Can control diabetes: Arecoline is one of the bio-chemicals present in areca seeds, which helps to significantly control diabetes.

Prevent nausea: Chewing areca nuts helps prevent nausea. You can chew just before traveling to avoid nausea.

Antidepressant: Areca nut is considered a medicine to stimulate the nervous system. Research shows that in areca seeds have antidepressants and reduce stress.