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The buyer

How to order

You can set up the code list with quantity of products you have chosen from our website, and send us this list via email or fax us, then we will respond accordingly with a quotation for  your perusal. You also can send an order/price request to us through website system. Please  come to the following steps:
- Select the items (click the square tiny box beside the pictures that you need for the order)              
- Add to cart.
- A box with the order information for you to see your selection with full of cart (including Number - Product Code - Image - Product Name - Material - Dimension - Quantity - Delete).
- Click the button “Select more products” or “Complete inquiry”.
- A box with some requested information for your complete (Full name - Company - Address - City - State - Country - Phone - Mobile phone - Fax - Seaport or airport where is the nearest from your location - Title - Business profile - Contents).
- Please note: (Fields marked with asterisk are required, and please send us your mobile phone numbers then we can call you in case we need some information urgently).
- Click send.
* NOTE: 
Colors in the photos shown are 90 - 95% accurate to the actual colors of  the finished products.
The list of products you chose will be sent to the mailbox of our company. We will reply you as soon as possible.
If you need a fastest feedback, please  contact us by hotline phone.

Call us :  +84 8 3511 8190
Fax us  :  +84 8 3511 7829
Chat with us via support online (Skype or Yahoo).

Any comments or feedback, please send us directly to

Sincerely thanks.