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About Us

Our products

Our well-known products studied and processed by companies include Bamboo hat, Bamboo bag, Gum rosin, Natural rubber, some chopstick, etc… Our products are not  only well known and preferred by many years in the domestic market but also other major markets around the world such as America, Russia, France, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Germany, Bulgaria, Romania, Mongolia, UAE, Korea, Japan, etc...

Thanks to the plentiful source of Handicraft, Bamboo wood, Essential oils, all kinds of Rubber and rubber products in Vietnam, our research activities to make quality products with various tastes and flavors have been conducted in our company. Products of the company contains rich cultural folklore of culinary of Vietnam, in accordance with the taste of customers.

All products are ensured with quality standards and safety requirements of food processing. We constantly rise and meet the rigorous regulations of international customers during the past years.