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Ceramics, furniture, handicrafts

Ceramics, furniture, handicrafts

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Unique handicrafts in Ben Tre coconut land

( Update: 15/11/2019 )

Coconut has the main uses of getting water, pulp to make refreshments, jelly, smoothies, cakes, jams, ... In addition, coconut shells, coir, coco peat, charcoal, compost ... Leaves used to make fuel, weaving rice paper for drying rice paper, making apricot cakes, ... Especially wood and coconut roots for making fine art articles.

From the coconut roots, thanks to the funny natural shapes, "bizarre", the artists came out with very vivid works. What is the face of a fairy with a long beard, "scrub" hair of an artist or a porcupine hedgehog ...   

Particularly with old coconut wood, you can do many things like planks, tables and chairs and handicrafts. To prevent wood from being eaten by termites, they are soaked in water for about 30 days. Because in the body of wood with water, acrid make termites, weevil to find soaked for that substance away. In addition, the muddy alluvial water penetrates the coconut wood to make it solid, shiny and bright.

Coconut trees usually have a life of 50 years or more to be used as wood. From the fragments of coconut wood, artisans do not rush to leave but use it to make high-end fine arts. In tourist areas, supermarkets throughout the country, people see many handicrafts made from coconut wood such as bags, cyclo, Mickey mouse, landscapes ... Not only for souvenirs, coconut has Can be used for daily life when combining from wood and coconut shells: Ladle ladle, chopsticks, rice tillers, spoons, bags, vases ...

Coconut has turned to a new page when coming out of the world. Many foreign tourists travel ecologically in Vietnam, especially the Mekong Delta tourist area that loves coconut handicrafts. Strange, beautiful, light, firm and shiny. They do not hesitate to buy as gifts for family and relatives. It is more praiseworthy for the rural people when coconut handicrafts are exported, creating jobs for people in the locality.