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The unexpected nutritional value of pangasius oil

( Update: 28/04/2020 )

Pangasius hypophthalmus and basa catfish (Pangasius bocourti) are one of the high export value fish species that have been cultivated for a long time in the Mekong Delta provinces.

Precious nutrients in pangasius are confirmed and there are many researches on this topic. Pangasius breeds are now widely cultured in Vietnam, especially in the Mekong Delta.

Nutritional value in Pangasius fat

Regarding the main ingredients, compared with the fat of chicken, pork and some other land animals, the fat of tra and basa fish are similar. However, in the composition of tra and basa fat, unsaturated fatty acids account for quite high proportion of nearly 80%.

Other animal fats are high in lipid content which can cause a number of cardiovascular diseases. While Pangasius fat is low in saturated fatty acids and bad cholesterol, it is not only harmful but also good for health. Particularly for women when eating pangasius, the iron element in this aquatic species is easily assimilated and absorbs less fat, helping women have a more slim body.

According to MSc. Nguyen Huynh Dinh Thuan, lecturer at the Food Biotechnology Institute - Ho Chi Minh City University of Industry: “Pangasius is very good for health, especially for fish fat. Some studies show that pangasius and basa fish have nutritional value not inferior to those of deep sea fish. Besides, Pangasius fat converges fully with natural nutrients such as Omega 3,6,9, EPA, DHA, Vitamins A, E and essential trace minerals for the body. "Fish oil extracted from pangasius fat, basa with appropriate technology process can retain most of the compounds of omega 3,6,9, vitamin A, vitamin E, D in fish fat . "

MSc. Nguyen Huynh Dinh Thuan - Lecturer of the Food Biotechnology Institute - Ho Chi Minh City University of Industry

Cooking oil is extracted from fish fat


In the past, pangasius processing plants always had a headache in dealing with large amounts of fish fat after processing fish. Solving this amount of fish fat always accounts for a big part in operating costs of the business.

Nowadays, Pangasius processing enterprises have applied modern technologies to Pangasius processing line, including extracting oil from fish fat. The production of pangasius cooking oil not only provides consumers with good health products but also contributes to reducing waste from pangasius processing plants; contribute to environmental protection and bring significant revenue to the society.

With modern processing technology, cooking oil from tra and basa fat not only eliminates the fishy smell, but also contains nutritional value not inferior to other cooking oils.

Ranee premium food grade fish oil filling line

Recently, on the Vietnamese cooking oil market, Ranee branded fish oil products. This is an edible oil extracted from 100% pure fish oil, fully converging nutrients naturally in Pangasius fat such as Omega 3,6,9, EPA, DHA, Vitamins A, E and essential trace minerals for the body, suitable for the daily food processing

Ranee is a product of Sao Mai Group manufactured at Sao Mai high-grade fish oil refinery. The source of raw materials to provide the extract of high-grade fish oil products from Ranee comes from Multinational Investment & Development Joint Stock Company (a member company of Sao Mai Group).


Currently, IDI has more than 135 hectares of water surface, providing an output of more than 5,000 tons of raw fish per month for export fillet processing plants. IDI's Pangasius fillet products are available in more than 150 countries and territories around the world because of the white flesh color, tastes better than other catfish.

Moreover, Pangasius catfishes are two species with high nutritional value because they are high in protein, low in fat, high in EPA and DHA and low in cholesterol. After fish meat is exported, fish fat will be put into a closed refining process, applying advanced science and technology, using physical extraction methods to treat, deodorize with modern production technology equipment. To launch a product line called Ranee.