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( Update: 13/08/2018 )

Although the characteristic smell quite strong, but these foods should not be shunned because of the inherent advantage of it, especially with beauty.
Also use a familiar spices in the kitchen, then you can also use garlic as an “assistant” to care little for the powerful beauty.
Acne treatment: use of two cloves of garlic juice mixed with a tablespoon of pure vinegar. Then use cotton ball to apply this mixture acne skin several times a day. In the composition of garlic contains antibiotic substances alicine strong as potentially destroy the bacteria that cause acne. Also vinegar also works to balance skin pH.

Mouth ulcers, oral temperature: not just raging cause you to have to endure the pain that mouth ulcer also significantly affected the aesthetics of your face. Want to quickly fix this situation you use raw garlic, cut off a layer and then use the “plastic” rubbing garlic on the oral cavity.
Psoriasis: is considered quite difficult diseases of the skin, to cure psoriasis evidence you need to persevere. According to the dermatologist, then in this situation you should use to make garlic oil “ally” of his. Simply buy garlic oil in stores, supermarkets or pharmacies, using it applied to the skin trouble.
Protects nails: The biggest problem often encountered is the foundation brittle nails, brittle, “life expectancy” of short nails. Want to prolong “life” of the foundation you use fresh garlic, cut surface, rub nail surface. Do the same thing a few times you will feel the difference.
Hair Mask: to prepare a tablespoon of oil in vitamin A, E, a teaspoon of honey, a tablespoon of olive oil. Along with fresh garlic 1-2, an egg yolk. Mix all mixed together, apply to hair to hair from legs, large towel around hair annealing. About 30 minutes later, then wash again. This type mask which helps black shine, healthy, minimize hair breakage.
Skin: 2-3 cloves of garlic to soak in a cup of honey, to the place protected from light, sealed 2-3 months. Get out and use the mixture as usual masks. This mask is suitable for all people especially middle-aged women because it helps “resurrected” the skin, reduce the risk of wrinkles and aging skin.
“Conditioner” hair care: use vinegar mixed with water to wash the hair eventually washes, replace the oil discharge. Vinegar can nourish hair from feet to hair, making hair healthy and become pitch black. Although vinegar was too strong, but it is also very volatile, so when you wash your hair with vinegar do not need to worry about the vinegar smell will stay on the hair for too long.
Stimulates hair growth: thin sparse hair is a disadvantage to anyone, it makes you have trouble making styling easier and you are more likely to be bald.

If you are “victims” of hair loss is right now, you’d use garlic oil rubbed onto the scalp, leave overnight, wash early in the morning the next day. Persisting done in a few weeks you will see positive signs. Also, vinegar also helps protect you from the risk of being “attacked” by the obnoxious flakes.
“Cleanser” natural skin: mix a cup of vinegar with 10 cups of water to wash your face every morning, or about the time of day you can use a cotton ball to apply this mixture acne spots . You will find the right acne spots quickly retreat, this is a great way to nourish and moisturize the skin. This special mask is “jinx” with oily skin, helps minimize oil secretion on the skin.
Deodorant body: use vinegar to clean armpits regularly every alternate day natural deodorant. This will be particularly effective maximum in summer days when the body produces more sweat create unpleasant body odor.
Skin care night: 1-2 tablespoons olive oil 1/4 cup vinegar mixed with 1/4 cup water and. Use this mixture to substitute skin care cosmetics at night. Olive oils help moisturize, soften and smooth the skin, while vinegar will “bleach” out the dead skin cells, fight off the bacteria that cause acne.
It’s a mistake when people refuse to eat durian only reason to preserve the beauty of the skin, whereas in durian contains an abundant amount of vitamin C is important in collagen remodeling process, giving your skin smooth, wrinkle limited. You can also recover the amount of vitamin C to the body for health purposes chosuc because of durian fruit contains 80% of vitamin C.
As spices can be combined perfectly with vegetables and various meats, food flavor, taste stimuli. However, do not just stop there, but in fact there is celery weight loss drugs have the ability to burn fat, burn excess calories to give you a good shape. The fact showed that the caloric content of celery is very low, in a glass of celery juice or celery 100 grams contains only 14 calories.
Further to digest celery your body needs plenty of energy consumption, in addition to vitamins and minerals abundant. It is through by the “excuse” should the celery will help you achieve your weight loss goals.
Using your celery simplest is to add it to the regular food as a spice, or can refresh your feeling while enjoying celery in the following manner:
Celery juice: two fresh celery, washed and two tomatoes. The “spice” is accompanied by about three tablespoons of sugar, half a tablespoon of salt and grind stone. Pressed mixture of celery and tomatoes fetch water, then add salt, sugar and ice, beat them. Finally, community and enjoy stage quality control.
Another way could be mixed with parsley juice with apple juice, mix well to rather enjoy drinks or more at breakfast.