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Ceramics, furniture, handicrafts

Ceramics, furniture, handicrafts

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( Update: 02/01/2019 )


The step of making bamboo placemats
Bamboo stick with Vietnam and longstanding image plate made of bamboo curtains by familiar architecture of Vietnam. However, the previous screen flute is the interior product very primitive handmade hand. Today, blinds structure return to home decoration but in stature, was produced by machinery and advanced technology make the curtains more beautiful, more edgy.

Display structures made of natural materials should be appropriate for the resort, cafe-style garden patio at the villa, the interior décor, rustic, simple.

Blinds bring architecture interior space very chic, but still close to the natural environment, if you regularly because of work stress and the hustle and bustle of urban life, the bamboo curtain, curtain will bring structure nature close to you.

Through years of development profession bamboo blinds us to the present with confidence the best products with the cheapest on the market.

Stage curtain made meticulously to ensure termite, enough toughness against rain and sun. Shutters are made from materials such as bamboo, architecture, plastic and parachute cord, wire hooks, fishing line.
The stages:
1 split bamboo, age out into sections depending on the size of the blinds
2 Use a knife to split up into smaller spokes of about 0.4 mm or more, depending on the type.
3 Immersion usually lime or water for several days to eliminate termites
4 small iron knife sharpeners the edges of the spokes to ensure smooth friction with wire rope do not break.
Sun exposure till 5 spokes ensure no water has dried.
6 Use the type of fishing line, woven into curtains enough though ... can size 2m, 3m or more.
7 After you finish knitting spraying termiticide 1 again and then coating color depending on customer requirements often painted brown.