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Lemon peel powder increases the growth and immunity of fish

( Update: 04/07/2019 )

Lemon peel powder increases the growth and immunity of fish

A recent study by Spanish and Portuguese scientists showed that adding lemon peel powder to food can stimulate fish growth and immune activity.

Lemon ( Citrus limon ) is the third most important citrus plant in the world, in which Spain is the main producer in Europe. Many beneficial effects of lemon are known, which explains their widespread use in traditional medicine.

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This paper describes the effects of lemon peel (a byproduct of the lemon essential oil industry) on the growth, immunity and antioxidant properties of seabass ( Sparus aurataL.) for a period of 30 days. . 


Fish were randomly divided into three tanks (each with 12 individuals), corresponding to three groups: control (diet without supplement of lemon peel powder - DLP), dietary supplement of 1.5% DLP and 3% DLP dietary supplement. Fish are fed with 1.5% of body weight / day for 30 days.


Farmed fish with diets containing lemon peel powder (1.5% and 3%) for 15 days showed better growth and both immune system (Serum immunoglobulin M) and cell activity. (peroxidase and phagocytosis) significantly increased.  

The activity of antioxidant enzymes also showed increased expression and the anti-stress genes in the liver were improved by diet. However, after 30 days of experiment, the difference did not make sense. This shows that the immune response of dietary supplement of lemon peel powder is achieved in a short time (15 days).


From the results of the study, it can be concluded that lemon peel powder (DHP) can be included in the fish diet to create immune effects in a short time very effectively.