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( Update: 10/01/2024 )

Chewing is an instinctive dog behavior and is completely normal. Provide your dog with a variety of carefully selected chew toys to keep him entertained and safe.

Coffee wood is not only a chew toy, but also an excellent means of caring for your pet's gums and teeth. The hard and sturdy structure of coffee wood helps stimulate your dog's gums, while also providing gentle pressure on the teeth as the dog chews. This helps remove plaque and creates a chewing experience that benefits your dog's gum and tooth health.

When you choose Wooden Coffee Chews, you are placing your trust in the safety and reliability of the product. Each chew is crafted with care and we promise not to use any additives or harmful chemicals during the manufacturing process. Your peace of mind is our top priority, and Wooden Coffee Chews give you peace of mind when giving this product to your pet.


The product line is diverse in size and shape, from cute little chews for puppies to large bones for older dogs, creating variety for all types of dogs.

Wooden Coffee Chews are more than just a chew product, they are stress relief through natural chewing, helping dogs stay alert and happy.


Sustainability and Quality: Learn about the origin of coffee wood from the Tay Nguyen region, where sustainability and quality converge, making each chewer unique.

Choose Well: Choose Wooden Coffee Chews to experience the difference in caring for your pet while supporting environmental sustainability.

Discover a new world of fun as your dog chews on coffee wood. Wooden Coffee Chews offer a unique chewing experience that is second to none. The perfect combination of fun and spontaneity creates a unique experience, immersing your dog in a fresh chewing adventure.

Crafted from high-quality coffee wood, each Wooden Coffee Chews is not just a chew toy, but a true piece of nature. The original flavor of coffee wood is preserved, promising to bring your pet an extremely unique and natural chewing experience. At the same time, this taste stimulates the dog's senses, making chewing time more interesting and exciting.

Hang Xanh transcends the concept of simply being a brand; it serves as a trusted ally in your efforts to create a fun and healthy experience for your pet. We recognize the deep bond you share with your furry companion, and Hang Xanh is steadfastly committed to providing more than just products – it's a lasting partnership built on trust.

Enter an international community of pet lovers who trust Hang Xanh not only for delicious food but also for promoting a responsible and caring lifestyle for their pets. Join us to advocate for the well-being of your four-legged friends and connect with pet lovers globally who share a commitment to responsible pet ownership and kindness.

Make Your Mark: Coffee wood is not just a product, but also a personal mark on your pet care journey. When dogs chew small portions of the product, it is a delicate bond, mutual understanding and care.

Variety of Sizes and Shapes: Explore the diverse world of Wooden Coffee Chews in different sizes and shapes, providing the perfect choice for all types of pets, from puppies to large dogs.

Joining our journey with Wooden Coffee Chews is not simply a choice, but a full immersion into a future where your pet can experience a healthy and happy life. At the same time, this journey is also an important part of protecting and preserving the environment around us.

When you choose Wooden Coffee Chews, it's more than just a purchase, it's about immersing yourself in a sustainable lifestyle. This is a clear expression of accepting responsibility for the world around us, where every decision we make contributes to the balance and health of the planet.

Let Wooden Coffee Chews be your pet's journey to discovering new joy and health, at Hang Xanh - where love and care start with a chew. We are proud that each product is a story about companionship, trust and commitment to your pet's health. Let's create memorable memories with Hang Xanh and support a sustainable life for both pets and the environment. Each chew is a steady step forward on your pet care journey, where pride in coffee wood becomes an unforgettable mark.