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Producing diverse products from coconut

( Update: 23/09/2019 )


In 1998, at Mo Cay, there were only few establishments producing coconut fiber with about 50 participants. Currently, Mo Cay Nam and Mo Cay Bac have over 560 facilities producing coconut products.


From coir ...

In 1998, in Mo Cay district, there were only a few households producing coir threads in An Thanh commune, such as Mr. Nguyen Chi Cong and Mr. Nguyen Van Nhu households in Vinh Khanh hamlet establishing a facility producing sintered coir and coals. to sell outside the province. Nearly 10 years later, on both sides of the Thom River, dozens of coconut fiber stripping dam facilities sprout up, creating a resounding sound by the D12 generator, making the life of industry - small industry in this river very bustling. . Currently, Mo Cay Nam has more than 1,150 people involved in producing coconut fiber. Coconut fiber production now has spread to Mo Cay Bac district. Both districts currently have more than 2 thousand people involved in the production of coconut fiber. Ms. Luong Thi Ngoc Chien - Vice Chairman of People's Committee of An Thanh Commune, Mo Cay Nam District said: The whole commune has 18 households producing coconut fiber, of which 2 private enterprises producing coconut fiber are Hai The and Nhi. Thao is in Vinh Khánh hamlet.

Mr. Nguyen Hoang Lam in Vinh Khanh hamlet was excited: Private enterprise and coconut fiber manufacturing facility create many jobs for laborers: peeling coconut, dam stripping coconut fiber, drying coconut fiber thread, turning coconut fiber thread down. by boat or on a truck ... With one of those jobs, I earn about VND 150,000 per day.

From a few facilities producing coconut fiber, until now the whole district Mo Cay Nam has 72 facilities producing coconut fiber.

... To other products from coconut

Not only producing coconut fiber, Mo Cay Nam and Mo Cay Bac also produce many products from coconut: coconut jelly, coir net, sintered coal, handicrafts ...

To have a coir net, people use coir car only diameter from 3mm - 5mm. In both districts, more than 2,500 people participated in the coconut fiber car. Ms. Vo Thi Nhan in Dong Loi hamlet, Thanh An commune, Mo Cay Bac district for many years has been engaged in coconut fiber car making, “This job makes a lot of money. Each reel is only about 15kg, from 6 am to 6 pm, I can make 3 rolls, except for the remaining cost of about VND 100,000. "

From coir threads, people weave into nets or carpets. Ms. Vo Thi Dieu in Vinh Khanh hamlet, An Thanh commune, Mo Cay Nam district earns about VND 200,000 per day by weaving coir nets. Ms. Dieu said: “I have been weaving coir nets for 7 years. Because I have worked many years of experience so I can get the money like that to raise my children to study. ”

And Tran Thi Ngot in Dong Loi hamlet, Thanh An commune, Mo Cay Bac district is living with the weaving of coir netting. “I'm new to weaving coir net. Every 30 minutes, another sister and I weave a 24m-long and 1m-wide net. Every day, I earn about 100 thousand VND, "said Ms. Sweet excited.

Besides producing coconut fiber, coir net for export to foreign countries, more than 560 establishments in the two districts also produce desiccated coconut, coconut jelly, sintered coal, handicrafts ...

Besides, coco peat has become a very attractive item for domestic and foreign customers. Mr. Le Thanh Xuan - Chairman of People's Committee of Khanh Thanh Tan Commune, Mo Cay Bac District said: Coconut peat is very popular with gardeners producing seedlings and ornamental flowers. From 2008 until now, coco peat is very scarce because coco peat is pressed into blocks to export to foreign countries. Thanks to that, Thom river is not polluted by coco peat. Just about 7 thousand coconuts produce 1 ton of thread and about 3 tons of coco peat.

Only Mo Cay Nam district today, the production value of coconut products reached over 240 billion. The district has 15 enterprises producing coconut products.

Mr. Phan Van Hop - Vice Chairman of Mo Cay Nam District People's Committee said: “I really did not expect coconut fiber production to thrive like today. Mo Cay Nam and Mo Cay Bac have over 560 facilities producing coconut products, thereby creating regular jobs for more than 8,000 local workers. Each facility invests between VND 150 - 250 million to purchase equipment and working capital from VND 50 - 100 million to buy production materials. "