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With 5 unexpected uses, Bo Hon is really a leading opponent of chemicals

( Update: 28/09/2019 )

Since ancient times, when washing powders and shampoos were not yet born, the grandparents used to wash the pot and wash the toilet effectively.
Instead of using chemicals that are harmful to your health, why not use natural fruits like Bodhi? Being able to clean thanks to saponin soap, the island is not harmful to humans and the environment.
quả bồ hòn
To use this multi-functional fruit for 5 unexpected uses, you just need to follow the formula: 10 pelicans equivalent to 1 liter of water. Depending on the needs of your family, cook as many liters as you like, but only cook moderately because this type of water usually does not last long.
- After you have prepared enough ingredients, you put the island in water and boil, when boiling then let smoldering, open the area to avoid overflowing;
- After about 20 minutes, the sprint also invades approximately ⅔, you have a concentrated solution of island;
- When this happens, cover it up overnight to drain it out. The next morning, filter the linden water with a cloth or strainer, collect only the water, pour it into a bottle, squeeze lemon or add about cho teaspoon of white vinegar to prevent the mixture from spoiling for two weeks.
5 uses from Bo island water:
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Bo island water
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1. Wash clothes
Bo island water is very suitable for washing babies' clothes and people who are sensitive because it is very benign, not only does it not damage the hands but also does not wear or rot.
For washing machine: Every 7 kg of clothes is equivalent to 4-5 tablespoons of bo island water, though it does not create much foam but ensures very clean clothes.
For washing your hands: You should soak your clothes overnight in water mixed with 3 tablespoons of boiled water, for persistent stains, use boiled fruit rubbing on the stain and wash normally.
2. Wash dishes
With just a tablespoon of boiled water, a glass of water and a spoon of vinegar, you can confidently wipe away any stains without worrying about dry skin, or the chemicals that can cause cancer. again on the daily bowls.
3. Shampoo
With the ability to fight fungi, eczema, and boil are used a lot in shampoo products - if you notice, you will see some of the current high-quality shampoos that contain essences.
You only need to use 2-3 tablespoons of boil for each bath, with an equal amount of water and a few drops of pure essential oils. It should be noted: Saponin soap in pomegranate can also sting eyes like other shampoos on the market!
4. House cleaning
For glass doors, you only need to mix water pearl with equivalent water in the spray bottle, then spray on the glass surface and use a towel as usual, ensuring no bubbles like chemicals.
For the kitchen, you should not mix but use pure pebbles, put a little on the kitchen surface to clean, then wipe with a wet towel, if not clean, then do it again.
In addition, the island used to clean the bathroom smell, clean stains with a ratio of 1 part solution and 4 parts water.
5. Bathing for pets
If your dog or cat is attacked by ticks or lice, you only need to make a pot of water to bathe them. Cicadas who encounter this solution will be destroyed, returning clean to the pet.