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Repatriation of export incense

( Update: 22/03/2021 )

Struggling to find jobs and start a business and get themselves into vocational training farmers, 2 Bui Duy Tu brother (born in 1981), Bui Duy Quy (born in 1983) Hung Dao village 2, An Vinh commune (Quynh Phu ) not only to enrich themselves, but also helps families tens of An Vinh commune people have jobs and stable income from exporting incense.

.After high school graduation, Mr. Tu has had several years working in male workers, in addition to the north, his 8-year quarter, the export of labor in Malaysia and Russia. Going as far, but far from high-income families, do not contribute much to the country to 2010, 2 brothers Tu - You decide home-made. But the little farm town, there is no job, and he was struggling so much to find a suitable job recently with their local, just do not require huge capital.
Self-exploration, enrichment research directions. Recognizing consumer markets in countries with a large native population are Buddhists as India, China, Malaysia ... tends to grow well, 2 brothers "packed" into Hai Duong, Hung Yen apprenticeship, decide Centre to explore, experiment to produce incense sticks suit the needs and taste of foreign visitors. After almost 2 months of study material preparation techniques, how to "retouch" that are native, returned home to his family talked with investors buying machinery, raw materials, and contact space consumption for the production of flavor exports to India. January 2/2011, with an investment of over 1 billion (borrowed from banks and deposits of the family), incense factory export of 2 brothers founded. According to him, exports and fragrant incense has the same production process as mixing materials, se incense and dried.
However, completely different material, for domestic consumption incense made from pine resin, resin fillings and some charcoal dry stalks, and export incense made from charcoal, sawdust buyers abroad ... size required to evenly cedar, incense silky body, burning them. To meet this requirement, the worker must follow strict procedures when mixing ingredients, just a little deviation on the rate of mixing both batches of material is damaged. The incense sticks boil over a rolling support native plant materials native to hold on to the rod. Then incense is exposed to the sun and then packaged classification.
According to you, every stick of incense made to standards and quality through accreditation of foreign customers as incense to them, small compressor, sure, no cracks, produced entirely with natural materials ... To meet these requirements, the places you go to production notes for reference, to learn how to do. The fresh top notes, recorded no economic efficiency, even higher losses due to less productivity, but these techniques have not reached him not discouraged. Learning by doing experience, a short time later, incense manufacturing techniques have been improved to suit him, incense make you quality and greatly appreciated.
From day open studio, his studio You, Tu maintaining flavor carton machine 22 employing nearly 30 workers, mostly older women in rural areas can take advantage of making the harvest time. The brother said, every month, factory exports from 10-15 tons of flavor (depending on weather conditions if the sun is higher output), with the price of 17,000 VND / kg, after deducting all expenses, interest at 1,000 / kg of incense, each year the revenue of about 180 million, the labor income of the product (average of 2 million / person / month). When asked about the brand's home base, Mr. Tu said products are packaged and coded, transferred via an intermediary company to export to India, products are exported only raw goods, will been completed in the country to match customer needs.
He shared Quarter: India's Buddhist country, the demand for their huge incense burner, but also very strict requirements. To export native to India is not easy. Initial difficulties were overcome with willpower, determination and youth, good for making incense factory exports Bui Duy Tu 2 brothers, Bui Duy Quy growing.