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What is Agarwood?Application in life

( Update: 21/05/2021 )

What is Tram Huong?

English name Agarwood, aloeswood, is a type of wood containing essential oils formed by physical, chemical and natural agents on Gio Bau tree. When affected by the agents, it causes the tree to secrete essential oils and close the bass.

The reason why Agarwood is created is being studied by scientists and creating artificial products of high economic value.

According to industry experts, Vietnam has the best scent in the world, followed by Agarwood in Indonesia, and Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, and Malaysia.

Application of Agarwood in life

Agarwood is widely applied in the field of life:

  • Used to make materials for all kinds of incense: stick incense, round incense, toothless incense, bud incense, chopstick incense ...
  • In addition, it is also used to make feng shui products: such as feng shui bracelets, Buddha statues, Guan Yin Statue, Lord Statue, Sculpture of art works, Tram Canh.
  • Application in Medicine: In Oriental Medicine, Agarwood is a precious medicinal herb used to treat incurable diseases.
  • In addition, Agarwood is also used in perfumery, cosmetics, essential oils, distilled water, tea ....

The applications of Agarwood are very diverse in life and rich...Each field is divided into its own sub-field.

Classification of Agarwood incense

Considering the origin of Agarwood, it can be divided into the following types:

  • Natural Agarwood, is made up of bullet wounds, fractures, borers, etc., when the trunk is broken, it is affected by the elements of temperature, climate, and Lao wind, which make the trunk poisoned.
  • Microorganism Agarwood is made from microbial products, which are transplanted directly into Gio Bau tree.
  • Chemical Agarwood is made from a chemical product transplanted into the gyno tree

Each of the above types of Agarwood has a different smell, the most fragrant is the Natural Odor, then the Microbiological Scent, then the Chemistry.

In terms of geographical area by division by countries and territories

  • Vietnam: The most famous Khanh Hoa, Quang Nam, Phu Quoc, Dinh Quan…
  • Indonesia: The most famous is Agarwood in Ka-La-Ma-Tan Island
  • Malaysia: Then the scent is not as fragrant as Vietnamese and Indonesian Agarwood,,it has a fishy smell. There is Agarwood there.
  • In addition, countries with Agarwood incense: Philippines, Laos, Cambodia

Of all the countries, Vietnam and Indonesia are the world's top in scent quality.

What is Incense Tram? Where to buy products?how to choose good and cheap incense

On the market, there are many different production facilities and brands of incense sticks. How do consumers choose good and cheap products?

What is Tram incense?

It is a product made from the powder of the wind plant (with agarwood essential oil), the scent is faint, sweet, gentle, very good for health, does not pollute the air, or harm the environment.

Ingredients for making incense

Raw materials must be selected from the tree with high agarwood oil. When cutting wind gourd trees, people peel the bark. Drying, followed by crushing the trunk into coarse powder. From the raw powder that the producer takes away, "Incubate Agarwood" within 6 months to 1 year. When incubating, it loses the spicy and unpleasant nature of agarwood, when making incense, it gives the best scent.

After brewing is complete, the incense maker will grind it until smooth and sifted until it is fine. Depending on different incense products, make them accordingly.

To recognize quality incense

The source of raw materials determines the quality of the product: the most important is the producer. How do they choose the ingredients? You can choose natural Agarwood, Microbial Agarwood, or swept Agarwood.

Natural goods are currently very rare and are not available to produce incense. So the main priority is Microbiological goods, the scent of microorganisms, sweet and pleasant. Because micro-organisms Agarwood is also created by artificial methods, but it is caused by microorganisms

As for Goods sweep (ie agarwood), this type is heavily oiled, the scent is very fragrant, but also harsh... discerning consumers never use this product.

Should pay attention when choosing incense, must choose the shipping item, choose a reputable place to choose good products, affordable

Incense products are very diverse

Depending on the purpose, circumstances and conditions, consumers choose suitable products. Usually incense includes the main types: stick incense, ring incense, bud incense

Tram Thanh Incense

Agarwood incense stick ingredients include frankincense powder, acacia loi, bamboo toothpicks. Depending on customer requirements, they choose smokeless incense, clean incense, low freckle incense, odorless incense, and clean incense to create suitable products.

So the length of the stick can be 2 inches, 3 inches, 4 inches, 5 inches. The thickness of the incense stick can be 2 li, 2.5 li, 2.7li.


Incense buds have very diverse shapes such as: cone, truncated cone, lotus bud shape, lotus shape... This type of product is used for guests to play smoke waterfall, not for incense in the censer. Very feng shui, exorcism, bring prosperity, fortune to the family. So at the moment, Nu is a very popular product in Vietnam.

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Incense ring

Incense rings are very diverse, depending on the needs of customers which products they use. When drinking tea, meditation, yoga, use within 2 hours, within 4 hours. When on holidays and New Year, use 12-hour and 24-hour types to let the incense burn continuously