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( Update: 24/11/2021 )

Apricot contains a lot of iodine, so it is often used to eat or drink water to prevent and support the treatment of goiter. In addition, this natural material also has diuretic and expectorant effects, helping to quickly relieve symptoms of cough and urinary retention due to prostate enlargement in the elderly.

Pictures of Rong dream
Image of apricots - A medicinal herb that contains many essential nutrients for the body's health


+ Other names: apricot vegetables, sea algae and foreign vegetables

+ Scientific name: Sargassum henslowianum J. Agardh

+ Family: Seaweed (Sargassaceae)

I. Description of the dream

1. Plant characteristics

Apricot seaweed is a type of algae that lives mainly in the sea, brown in color and tree-shaped. They grow in large bushes and have a height of about 40-60 cm. The main stem of the tree has a round shaft with a length of 0.7 - 1.2 m.

Leaves are large needles or oval in abundance. Leaf margins are serrated or smooth. In some leaves may be double serrated, with midrib. Plants have spherical or oval air sacs round, 2 – 3 mm in diameter. The airbag has a axial shape with a length of 3 – 8 mm.

Algae reproduce by sexual or vegetative reproduction. Spawning ingots are usually short circular shafts, branched or not. They grow alternately, while the male ingot is usually smaller and longer.

2. Distribution

Amaranth is widely distributed in areas near the sea, especially Ha Tinh and Quang Ninh, Khanh Hoa, Thai Binh, Thanh Hoa and Nghe An. This algae can be found in countries like Japan, Australia, the Philippines or China.

3. Parts used, collected, processed and preserved

  • Parts Used: Full body
  • Harvest: In March - September
  • Processing: After harvesting, bring back to clean sandy soil and dry or dry
  • Storage: Room temperature, avoid moisture

4. Chemical composition

Apricots contain a large amount of inorganic salts, accounting for 10-15%, including 0.3-0.8 potassium, arsenic and a lot of iodine. In addition, protid, lipid, alginic acid and algin components can be found in this medicinal plant.

Chemical composition of seaweed
Apricot seaweed contains many polyphenols that have specific antibacterial and anti-stress effects

II. The taste of seaweed

1. Taste

Soldering, bitter and salty taste

2. Sutras

Meridians, Kidneys, and Can

3. Pharmacological effects

Seaweed has pharmacological effects such as:

  • Effect on the transformation of lymphocytes: Take 0.2 ml of blood anticoagulated with herpain in normal people and then put it in a test tube containing 2 ml of culture solution. Then, divide into 4 samples, including control sample, using sodium alginate, sample using PHA and sodium alginate plus PHA. Next, add 3H – UR and 3H – TdR to each sample in turn and calculate the excitation coefficient SI. Compared with the control sample, it can be seen that sodium alginate has a strong effect on promoting 3H - UR or 3H - TdR infiltration into lymphocytes. However, when compared with PHA, this promotion is poor.
  • Effects on the effects of CoY irradiation: The researchers used 40 mice that weighed 18-22 grams. After dividing them into 2 groups, a control group and a group will be injected with alginate at a dose of 100 mg/kg. After 7 days of continuous injection, on the 8th day they will irradiate Co Y for 23 minutes with a total dose of 0.206 c/kg. After 30 days of experimentation, the results showed that sodium alginate was effective in protecting mice from damage caused by CoY irradiation. It also prolongs survival and reduces mortality.
  • Helps reduce blood cholesterol: Some studies on mice have shown that sodium alginate has a significant effect on reducing blood cholesterol in mice.
  • Helps fight tumors: The chemical components contained in seaweed have the effect of reducing and inhibiting tumor growth
  • Anti-botulinum toxin: Sugar components A and B present in apricots have an anti-botulinum effect. Thus helping to inhibit herpes simplex virus and bacillus subtilis

4. Usage and dosage

Seaweed is used as a decoction with a maximum daily dose of 6-12 grams.

seaweed effect
Apricot contains a lot of iodine, sodium alginate has the effect of improving goiter and preventing tumor growth

III. Remedies from seaweed apricots according to folk experience

+ Treatment of high blood pressure according to Qingdao Chinese Herbal Owner Book - China

Prepare apricots, dried herbs, pine and pine, 30 grams each combined with 6 grams of almonds and 15 grams of mint. All raw materials after cleaning, drying and grinding into fine powder. Then practice with honey and complete. Drink 3 times a day, 3 grams each time to help stabilize blood pressure.

+ Treatment of prostate enlargement causing urinary retention in the elderly, the elderly

Prepare apricots, cross the mountain armor and announce, each taste 10 grams, the king does not circulate, the lymph nodes and kumquats, 15 grams each. All herbs are put in the pot, add water and drink decoction.

+ Tuberculosis treatment

Use seaweed apricots, dried herbs, soil samples and auxiliary flavor 9 grams of drinking water each.

+ Treatment of rectal and esophageal cancer

Use 30 grams of apricot and 6 grams of water to grind into powder. Each drink, take 6 grams to completely dissolve with alcohol. Drink 3 times a day.

+ Cure sores and colon diseases with the remedy of Nam Duoc Than Hieu

Use 2 parts apricot seaweed to bring crispy stars with rice. Then, remove the rice, take the seaweed and grind it into a fine powder. Use 1 part of lime silkworm to make it crispy and powdered. Pickled apricots are washed with boiling water and seeds removed, then the pulp is crushed.

Next, put all these ingredients together, mix well and form a small ball of green pea. Drink 3 to 6 times a day. Each time take 5-6 tablets with rice water. Note, during the application of this remedy should abstain from eating goat meat, chicken and not drinking alcohol.

+ Beijing - China's remedy for thyroid cancer

Use 15 grams of apricot seaweed, 15 grams of honeysuckle, 30 grams of frozen skin, 30 grams of sea succulent, 15 grams of water rose and 15 grams of alcohol. 1 ladder per day, excellent drink.

IV. Taboo

Apricot seaweed mixed with some other medicinal herbs has the effect of increasing the effectiveness of treatment. However, they should not be taken with the following herbs:

In addition, it is not recommended to use apricots for people with low spleen and bad taste.

The above article about seaweed is for reference only. To know more about the ingredients, effects as well as remedies from this medicinal herb, you should directly contact your doctor or health care professional for more advice.