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Ageratum conyzoides L
Ageratum conyzoides L
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English names: White weed, appa grass, conyzoid floss-flower, bastard agrimony.
Description: Annual herb, 30-50 cm. high. Stem erect, hairy, green or purple. Leaves opposite, broadly ovate, crenate, coarsely hairy on both sides, 3-nerved at the base. The inflorescence is a terminal corymb of many small heads; flowers violet or white. Achene minute, black, 5-echinate.
Flowering period: Throughout the year.
Distribution: Common weed everywhere.
Parts used: The whole plant, except the roots, is collected throughout the year. It is used fresh or dried.
Chemical composition: The plant yields 0.7-2% essential oil consisting of ageratochromene, dimethoxy - ageratochromene, cadinene and caryophyllene; it also contains alkaloids and saponins.
Therapeutic uses: The whole plant possesses anti-inflammatory and antiallergic properties. The juice from the fresh plant and the extract of the dried plant are used for the cure of allergic rhinitis and sinusitis, in aqueous solution for nasal instillation. The juice of the fresh plant is also useful in post-partum uterine haemorrhage. The usual dose is 30 to 50g of fresh plant per day. A hair-wash consisting of a decoction of the fresh plant makes the hair fragrant, soft and dandruff-free.