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Hemerocallis fulva L.
Hemerocallis fulva L.
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English names: Yellow day-lily, orange day-lily, tawny day-lily.

Description:  Perennial herbaceous plant with tuberous roots. Leaves linear, arranged in two rows. Flowers funnel-shaped, orange-yellow, 6-10 on a forked scape. Fruit triangular. Seeds shining black.

Flowering period: May - September.

Distribution:  Cultivated for ornament and medicinal use.

Parts used:  Tubers, leaves and flowers. The leaves and tubers are harvested all the year round, the leaves being used fresh, the tubers dried. The flowers are picked at the beginning of the flowering period and dried at low temperature.

Chemical composition:  The flowers yield proteins, fatty substances, sugars, vitamin A and C; amino acids: adenine, choline, arginine and iodine.

Therapeutic uses:  The roots, the leaves and the flowers possess anti-inflammatory and heamostatic properties. They are used in treating fever, colitis, dysentery, oedema, dysuria, urinary lithiasis, heamorrhage, haemoptysis, epistaxis, mastitis and rheumatism.

The daily dose is 6 to 12 g of roots or 30 to 50 g of flowers, in the form of a decoction or juice from the fresh plant. The external application of pounded fresh roots and leaves in a poultice is effective against inflammation.