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Angelica sinensis
Angelica sinensis
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Description:  Perennial herbaceous plant, 40-60 cm. high. Stems striate, pale violet. Leaves alternate, amplexicaul, 3-4 - pinnate; margins toothed. Inflorescence in dense terminal umbel; flowers small, white. Fruit compressed. All parts of the plant, especially the roots, have a special scent.
Flowering period:   June - August.
Distribution:  Introduced species, cultivated in many places.
Parts used:  The roots of the 2 or 3-year-old plants are collected in autumn and winter. The radicles are removed. The roots are air-dried or lightly heat-dried until completely dry.
Chemical composition:  The roots yield an essential oil consisting of ligustilid, butylidenephthalide, bergapten, safrol, p-cymene, sesquiterpene, dodecanol, tetradecanol and vitamin B12.
Therapeutic uses:  The root has marked restorative, antianaemic and haemagogic properties. It is recommended for treating anaemia, general debility, headache, fatigue, lumbago, chest pains, colic, constipation, paresis, furunculosis, impetigo, contusions, menstrual disorders and dysmenorrhoea.

The dose is 10 to 20g per day in the form of a decoction or elixir. In the case of menstrual disorders, the drug is taken a week before menstruation.