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Hibiscus mutabilis L
Hibiscus mutabilis L
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English names:  Chinese rose, changeable rose, rose-mallow, cotton-rose.

Description:  Plant growing several metres high; young twig tomentose. Leaves alternate, long-petioled, palmatilobed, hairy on the lower side, margins toothed. Flowers large, simple or compound, solitary in the axil of the leaves, first white then pink. Capsule globose, covered with hairs. Seeds ovate and silky-villous.

Flowering period:  September - November.

Distribution:  Cultivated everywhere for ornament.

Parts used:  Leaves and flowers, both used fresh. Leaves can be harvested all the year round. The flowers are picked during the flowering period.

Chemical composition:  The flowers contain anthocyanosides.

Therapeutic uses:  The leaves and the flowers possess antibacterial, demulcent and diuretic properties. They are used in treating boils, particularly on the chin, in the form of poultice made of powdered dried leaves and flowers mixed with concentrated tea infusion, which makes the boils burst earlier and less painfully. Also used in treating impetigo, prurigo, metritis, leucorrhoea, mastitis, nephritis, cytitis, dysuria and infections, usually in a dose of 5 to 20 g per day, in the form of a decoction