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Jasminum subtriplinerve Blume
Jasminum subtriplinerve Blume
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Description:  Small trailing shrub. Branches glabrous. Leaves opposite, glabrous and shining on both surfaces, 3 nerves from the base. Inflorescence in axillary or terminal raceme; flowers 2-3, white, fragrant Berry globose with remains of persistent calyx, black when ripe.

Flowering period:  March - April.

Distribution:  Grows wild in the mountains and the midlands.

Parts used:  Leaf-bearing twigs, collected all the year round. They are used in the dried state.

Chemical composition:  The leaves contain alkaloids, resins and flavonoids.

Therapeutic uses:  The branches and the leaves possess antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. They are used in treating post-partum hyperthermic infection, lymphadenitis, metritis, galactophoritis, leucorrhoea, rheumatism, ostealgia, impetigo, prurigo, dysmenorrhoea and haematometra. They are also effective as a bitter tonic for parturients. The daily dose is 20 to 30g in decoction form. A decoction of the fresh leaves is used for washing and bathing in the case of wounds and impetigo and a fresh-leaf poultice is used for abscesses and mastitis.